Abandoned Log Mansion

Set back from the road & up a hill sat The Abandoned Log Mansion! It was a completely random discovery Zenning with Zay & I made while looking for another place!

Completely hidden from the road is the abandoned country log mansion. We had no idea that there was anything up the log winding driveway & google maps was unclear.  So after parking a distance away, we embarked on the long hike in to see what was up this gated driveway.   As we topped the hill our hearts raced with excitement.  There before us was this amazing log mansion!

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At first I was expecting the mansion to be trashed & tagged inside based on the boards on windows & how the front door was mangled.  I wasn't too concerned as it was clearly a unique spot!   As per usual we would do a walk through of the location to get a feel for our surroundings but as we entered the houses our jaws dropped.  To the left of the door was an absolutely incredible spiral staircase!

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

Seeing how virtually all the windows were smashed I was a little surprised that this beauty was still in tact...and very thankful!   The mansion itself is only 30 years old & was somebody's dream home.  There was a stone with the year built & the family name at the basement patio door.  I was able to discover that the gentleman that lived here was an energy executive.  Outside of that there is little information about the property.  The staircase was obviously quite exquisite however the basement was also quite amazing!

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

The basement included a bar, large entertainment room, second kitchen/laundry room, wine cellar, two bedrooms & of course, the bottom of the grand staircase!  The fate of this mansion will likely be the wrecking ball as with many of these beauties but fortunately i was able to capture it's beauty before it is gone.

15 thoughts on “Abandoned Log Mansion”

  1. That is awesome, I wish someone would go in there and fix it up, I have family in Ontario… beautiful country!!!

  2. Hello Folks
    Can you email me the Real Estate Company that is handling this sale of this property. Perhaps, send me the County and the City of the location for the fixer.
    Please let me know. I was watching your great video you posted on You Tube.
    Respectively, Interested folks.

    1. The property & home are owned by a developer who is in the process of obtaining permits & such to redevelop the land.

  3. Hi ,I’m trying to find out where the abandoned log house is and if it is for sale , it really needs to be restoredand not left abandoned, if you can help great if not thanks .

      1. Really??? I love this place. I am planning on immigrating to Canada infact I am awaiting on my visa once I get there I will try and visit these abandoned cabins. Who knows I might take on one that I fancy.

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