Abandoned Mosque Mansion

The Abandoned Mosque Mansion was a total random discovery! Just how we like it!

On a cold winter's day something caught my eye as I drove along a busy road.  I noticed some old chimneys & immediately did a u-turn to investigate further.  Turns out I had randomly come across a very old abandoned mansion!  Located on a busy property, I found a place to park & made my way over the the house which was surrounded by a large chain link fence.   I wasn't expecting much when i entered but was pleasantly surprised!

This Georgian Revival styled house was built in 1914 which was common for the region as it transitioned away from Gothic architecture.  This was caused in part by the influx of new immigrants & the existing English wanted to make their presence known.  The house changed owners a few times & thus began a significant part of Toronto's history.

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A committee would dedicate themselves to this cause and this property is where it started. The majority of these committee members would later become founders of Sick Kids Hospital, while the others dedicated themselves to children's rehabilitation.

One of the previous owners of the property has dedicated his life to children, co-founding this hospital and making generous contributions to beginning a well known private school with an art-based curriculum.

The buildings on the property were used as a seniors home, a hospital for sick children and children with disabilities, and in more recent years a learning centre for minority children.

Unfortunately, the current owner who purchased the property in the early 90's has neglected the buildings. Some of the buildings have been demolished as they had fallen into complete disrepair and now only this large house remains. The present property owner has proposed plans to build condos where this house is currently located but the building must be moved rather than destroyed if the owner wants this to happen.

The house was designated by the heritage act approximately a decade ago for it's significant historical and cultural values as well as for its architectural features. It has been deemed structurally sound and so the property owner has been ordered to fix the caved in roof and properly maintain the building including sealing windows and doors while it's not in use and keeping the property free of vandalism.  The Abandoned Mosque Mansion was definitely an interesting explore with an equally interesting history!

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