Abandoned Ontario Psychiatric Hospital

After 5 years of construction this massive school-hospital opened its doors in 1951.  This multi-million dollar facility was to serve as a home as well as a school for some 2,400 developmentally challenged children.  Described as a "haven of happiness", the institute would become the home for children who's minds will never mature.  Trained staff would work & play with the children creating an institutionalized world where they could enjoy life.

When opened, the facility boasted 5 miles of connecting corridors, over a mile of underground tunnels, some 10,000 doors & 12,000 windows!  The facility is absolutely massive!  The plans included a fully equipped hospital, infirmary, laundry, power plant, workshops, administrative buildings classrooms & an auditorium.

The facility operated for close to 60 years until the government began to it, along with many others down due to a facility initiative that was passed in 2004.  The initiative was about de-institutionalizing patients & relying on community care.  Although it seemed like a great idea, many of the former patients were put out on the streets to fend for themselves which lead to homelessness & incarceration as many of these people suffer from disabilities & coping skills for real world scenarios.  The facility today is 95% repurposed with many companies now operating out of it.  There is really only one building left on the site that is abandoned.  Its a large building with plenty of excellent photo opportunities however one much not forget the people that once inhabited it.

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