Abandoned/Vacant 8 Million Dollar Mansion

This sure was an interesting mansion.  The signs of vacancy were quite obvious here but whether or not we could get in was still unknown.  We were almost ready to give up when we found one last door to try.  Much to my amazement it opened!  The mansion, over 10,000 square feet didn't much feel like a home with it's white walls, partially finished basement but there certainly was some nice details!  Oak hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles, wainscoting, massive spacious rooms with large windows & of course, the grand staircase.

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Although the house appears to be in pristine condition, upon closer inspection I found areas when walls were beginning to crack.  The mansion, has very few rooms however the rooms it does have are huge!

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

The upstairs bathrooms were very nice & spacious as well.  You could easily have 10 people hanging out in there with plenty of space if that was where the party was!

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

The mansion's fate is likely similar to many others in the surrounding neighbourhood where older ones are purchased solely for the land, razed & newer, more opulent one is built in its place.  This highly sought after nehighbourhood boasts doctors, dentists, CEO & celebrities making it the ideal place to rub shoulders with the rich & famous while a steady stream of curious middle classed citizens drive the neughbourhood looking with envy.

8 thoughts on “Abandoned/Vacant 8 Million Dollar Mansion”

  1. Oh my. Nice house. I wouldn’t want to live in it though because it’s too big. I was wondering if the people who lived there couldn’t take care of the house and moved to a smaller one

  2. What a shame… Why was it abandoned??.. Looking at the staircase, it has a stair climber attached for Physically impaired people.. Was it an older couple that couldn’t maintain it any more.. .. It’s too good a building to be abandoned..A real shame..

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