Abandoned Country Time Capsule House

In 2019 Zenning with Zay & I explored this Abandoned Country Time Capsule House!

On a cold winter's day we parked along side the rural road & hiked up the nonexistent driveway into the open field where this abandoned sits.  The wind was relentless & drifts of snow near waist deep in areas.  The first room we entered was the kitchen.  Although it was a bit of a mess I knew it was something special.  The paint peel alone was so visually stimulating that it took me a moment to notice the cupboards were still full!

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The house still had many items left behind from the original residents but it was also was apparent it was used for storage.  There is an enclosed porch that surrounds half of the house that was mostly filled with junk & caving in so I skipped that area.  Below the kitchen sink was also pretty bad & I could actually see light through the floor that was shining in through the crumbling foundation.  I took extra care on the main floor however the upper floor was solid as a rock!

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

At the top of the stairs was a large open area with a couch & desk which seemed somewhat out of place.  To the left of the couch is the house's only bathroom which led me to believe the couch was there for someone to relax while waiting their turn in the bathroom!  Aside from the bathroom there was two bedrooms & on large storage type room.  The storage room was a mess however once we started poking around the treasures this house kept began to emerge.

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

I am not sure of the history but it was quite apparent the house had been abandoned for quite sometime.  I did find a bottle of Tylenol which had an expiration date of 2005.  It really is amazing how destructive nature can be when people do not intervene!

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  1. Magnificent! I too love the ceiling in the kitchen but my fav pic is the one of the bedroom with the stark window on a dark blue wall. It’s amazing!

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