Abandoned BMW Mini Mansion

There is a lot of mystery around this abandoned mini mansion! The first thing that struck me was the odd design of the house for a rural setting. It isn't your typical find for a rural area as its postmodern feel sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the century farmhouses nearby. Once inside I was shocked by the amount of decay & assumed it had been abandoned for quite some time. One side was in really good condition however the other side was VERY dangerous. So dangerous that there was a notice on the door from the township advising that it was essentially a death trap. At first I thought there had been a fire but as I further explored it became evident that it was just heavily decayed.
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The weird thing is that there was still quite a bit of personal belongings left behind. It seemed that they had done some packing & then just stopped & left a good portion of their stuff. The property is owned by a nearby business & this coupled, with all the items that remained, including 3 cars, I feel this was a case of a home being foreclosed upon.  This sure was an awesome explore!

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