Abandoned Bungalow in the City

This bungalow is situated on a large piece of property right in the middle of a city. Set back from the road & hidden by trees, this property was a little paradise in the surrounding chaos. I had no idea if the house was actually there as it was something that had caught my eye while looking at a map.Parking around the corner & making my way through the trees I cam upon a clearing where I could see the outline of a house! I was pretty excited as there was something to explore! Unfortunately the house was found by teens & their spray paint which really isn't that surprising considering the dense population surrounding the property. Even though it was a mess, it was still a really cool & relaxed explore. Note, I spent I ridiculous amount of time removing graffiti from the place so it really isn't as nice as it may look. The fate of this house & another smaller one on the property is most certainly a bulldozer to be replaced with high density housing as per the usual!

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