Abandoned Brokeback Cabin

On a volatile July day we were out checking on some potential abandoned houses.  In between torrential downpours we ended up at a very overgrown property hidden from view of the road.  As we approached, the skies opened up yet again so we quickly made our way to the front porch to be greeted with a front door that had been kicked in.  Once inside we knew we had found something special!

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The house still had everything left behind!  It was borderline a hoarder house & from what I could piece together, the house was last lived in by the son of the original owners.  From medications found throughout, I feel that they ended up in a long term care facility, never to return.  It was a strange cabin-styled house that is slowly decaying due to a hole in the ceiling.  I will return soon to check on it as I am curious to see how things have progressed since my original visit.

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  1. That clock above the chimney on the mantle is a gingerbread clock. They can sell for a pretty penny depending on the condition

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