Abandoned Cat Lady House

Earlier this year Zenning with Zay & I headed out on a road trip & the first random road we took, we found the Abandoned Cat Lady House!  Now I want to point out this is not the same Cat Lady house Freaktography found but the owner was definitely a cat lady!

We were driving along a main road when Zay said to turn off & take a random road.  Not far along we spotted this Abandoned Cat Lady House & quickly did a u-turn!

The upper floor of the house had four bedrooms & then access to the attic which was huge compared to most houses.  The attic had plenty of things left behind & was likely stuff collected over the years as is with most attics. It was pretty surprising to find moose & deer antlers on the floor of one of the rooms! But, we were in a very rural area where plenty of hunting takes place!  This was definitely a good start to the day that was later followed by Exploring an Abandoned $25,000,000 Mansion!

The main floor was full of items but not really a mess.  The kitchen see still had most things in cupboards & drawers & even the refrigerator was full of food & still running as the power was connected here.  I didn't take a picture of the refrigerator as the disgusting smell would make me puke but it the video I open it so you can see it!

The last part of the Abandoned Cat Lady House I explored was the living room, bathroom & main floor bedroom. Everything was left behind which tells a sad tale. There was also several cat crates & litter boxes. There was a pretty interesting puzzle on the wall of the bathroom! Sadly though, in the bedroom on the bed I found a dead cat. It likely was forgotten or had strayed only to return to find the house abandoned. Time Capsules are always sad but equally interesting to explore!

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Cat Lady House”

  1. Awesome photography! It would be interesting to learn the story behind this discovery – hopefully this woman was found before her death and the death of her cats. Were there neighbouring farms that might have been aware of her existence?

  2. This house is actually so adorable. The tile-floored room with the open staircase leading up along with the numerous bedrooms. Very nice layout – unfortunate about the cat, but silver lining that it was truly just one.

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