Abandoned Millionaires Row Mansion

Located in an area where land is worth more than mansions in the Abandoned Millionaires Row Mansion!  Back in March Zenning with Zay & I looked around this place as we suspected it was abandoned however the front light was on & there were snowbanks plowed in the driveway so we decided not to press our luck.  Fast forward several months & my good friend Freaktography had the good news that it was indeed abandoned!

Now to clear the air before anyone points it out, yes the power is still connected & yes the grounds are somewhat maintained. There are dozens of reasons why power is not cut a places & in this area it's because a developer owns the land & really doesn't care about losing a few bucks a month. The delivery fee & trickle of actually power usage is nothing compared to the millions in profit they will earn once redevelopment is complete. As for the grounds, there are by-laws in place that require laws to be cut otherwise there will be fines. Some developers don't care, but apparently this one does.

The surprising thing here was that the pool was empty!  More times than not the pools at these places resemble a swamp & are a huge safety hazard so it was nice to see it emptied.  Also note that the front light by the door is on & has been for months, if not years!

Once inside I started of the explore of the Abandoned Millionaires Row Mansion in the family room & study.  The family room was absolutely massive with plenty of windows however the tree coverage on the grounds didn't let a lot of light in.  I especially enjoyed the recessed dome in the ceiling!  The study, well it was beautiful but that carpet was awful!

The front doors were flanked with small closets & featured a beautiful tiled floor with chandelier above.  You could walk into the study, family room, dining room & into the main corridor once inside.  The dining room was very nice with beams on the ceiling.  Personally I would rather see the raw wood than painting over them but to each their own!  The kitchen was off the dining room & although very nice, it was quite small for the size of this place. One thing I loved about this place was the wallpaper used in the bathrooms.  Someone really spent a lot of time putting it in!

Much to our surprise the place kept going which is why we call it a mansion!  Beyond the kitchen led to a cured corridor with a beautiful bedroom off it that featured a wild wallpapered bathroom!  Definitely a good spot for a selfie!

Also at the back of the mansion was another bedroom with wild wallpapered bathroom. Then a huge sunroom with a large room off of it. This place was massive!

The basement of the mansion was amazing!  The colours & wallpaper were outrageous!  One can only imagine the wild parties that went down here!  Definitely one of the funkier abandoned mansions we've explored!

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