Abandoned Classic Victorian House

The Abandoned Classic Victorian House was built in 1885.  The actual roots of the property & it's original owners dates back even further when it was originally a log house. The current & still standing Italianate/Victorian Gothic was built circa 1885.  We had previously attempted to explore this place back in 2019 & were unsuccessful.  But, in 2020 when the rest of the world is falling apart, Zenning with Zay & I finally got the chance to explore it thanks to a heads up from Freaktography!

The Abandoned Classic Victorian House is a landmark in this small but developing city.   The city itself was established in 1812.  The majority of the original settlers were descendants from England, Ireland & Scotland but not limited to just those countries.  Other countries that settlers came from included Holland, Germany & even the United States.

This iconic & historic home was last used for an office & unfortunately some of the original charm is long gone.  That said, there is still quite a few features that from its original state.

The upper level, like the lower level still had a lot of the original charm.  We could also see in one room that a leaky roof was causing some water damage inside.  This is never a good sign & the actual damage we saw likely paled in comparison to the damage in the attic.  If they want to save this beauty, they need to act fast!

As with an abandoned place, if it has an epic staircase you know I'll be sure to capture it for every conceivable angle!  This Abandoned Classic Victorian House was no exception!  Although they were not super epic, they sure were nice & photogenic!  The future of the house is mostly unknown but it does sit on prime real estate.  If anything were to be built in the neighbouring lots which are all parceled together, it would be required to keep the old home mostly in tact & incorporate it into anything newly built.   As I close off this blog, I must point out that it really reminded me of the Abandoned Addam's Family House we explored also in 2020!

4 thoughts on “Abandoned Classic Victorian House”

  1. It looks like there was ‘no expense spared’ when this house was last renovated, but as you mentioned, it won’t be long before water damage destroys this house. I wonder if the land this house stands on is being held on speculation in hopes that developers will pay mega bucks for it.
    Your pictures are awesome, but I can’t imagine living in such a place. The insulation in these homes was almost non-existent, which means $$$ to keep it heated during the winter months.

    1. Thank you! Developers want the land but there is pushback from locals & the planned development. Plus, it’s a historic home.

  2. I want to see your pictures and videos, expecially the victorians but they’re not all available to view, its all blank, The abandoned Classic victorian house looks beautiful but I can’t see it. Thanks for posting the ones I was able to view. Any out side pictures of the 1900s victorian near the River? where you can hear the train?

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