Beautiful Abandoned Farm House

For a few years now I have wanted to explore this Beautiful Abandoned Farm House but not often were we in the area. Finally, at the beginning of October we went on a crownland camping trip & happened to be near this beauty so I finally got a chance to check it out!

I think its pretty obvious why I call it the Beautiful Abandoned Farm House! This striking home stands prominently on a hill top overlooking a valley. It was even better this time of year when all of the fall colours were in full swing! Made for some stunning exterior shots!

Zenning with Zay had been here a few years earlier & right away noticed a big difference in the house. The first door we walked in
had a major cave in! Virtually the entire room was mostly in the basement! I started this explore off on the main floor & right away noticed that there had been efforts to save it. One room I'll call a living room had been gutted to the studs. All the slats had been removed as if they wanted to get to the wiring to update it. One thing that jumped out at me was a huge crack i the stone wall & even the wall itself was separating from the rest. This was directly below some major water damage coming from above.

I then ventured upstairs to see what I could find but once I got to the top, I realized just how bad the decay was. The doorway at the top of the stairs was in terrible shape as the floor below it was heavily water damaged. I opted to skip that side of the house as it was just too dangerous & looked gutted & boring. There were four bedrooms in the area I could access, three of them had been gutted to the studs with a pile of the slats in the middle of the room. I thought that made for cool shots! There was a third floor here but due to the stairs being a total wreck, there was no way I was attempting to get up there.

I must say I was pretty happy with the explore. I always enjoy the old abandoned farm houses! I was taking a bit longer than usual & Zay had to come get me as we were running behind schedule!

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