Abandoned 1960s Bungalow with Opie!

Exploring an Abandoned 1960s Bungalow with Opie!  Zenning with Zay & I knew when we got a puppy that it would join us on most, if not all of our adventures.   Well, the day after we got Opie we took him exploring!

Not every time we find abandoned places are they open.  Sometimes it can take several attempts before actually getting in.  In some cases these places are locked up tight whereas others, they are wide open!  This bungalow which was actually quite large was locked up tight when I first attempted it.   But a few weeks ago we were in the area & I noticed the garage door was open as we drove by.

I did a u-turn as I figured we should give it a go as these places open & get sealed regularly.  Especially with a few people in the hobby steady kicking in doors which is definitely not how it should be done.

I started off the explore on the main floor of the bungalow starting with the Library.  Then across the corridor was a beautiful bathroom.  Further down was a small bedroom that was beside the master bedroom.  The master bathroom was quite nice & featured a built in Jacuzzi tub!  Pretty sweet!  As with many of these big places, there seems to often be a bidet!  At least this one was close to the toilet unlike the $4,000,000 Abandoned Mansion where it was on the other side of the bathroom!  The odd thing about the Abandoned 1960s Bungalow was that there were only two bedrooms.  This house had a mansionesque feel to it but it really was just a big bungalow.

I had let Zay know that I was inside & we originally planned on taking turns exploring while one of us stays with Opie.  But Zay figured this place was safe enough so not long after, I could hear he & Opie inside the house!  This was officially Opie's first explore!

At the back of the Abandoned 1960s Bungalow was a huge vaulted ceiling addition.  This was obviously an addition as the basement area below it had a newer foundation than the rest.  This would have been a beautiful room back in the day!  The kitchen was off this huge room but had been pretty gutted.  The bungalow was a decent little explore & a great way to introduce our puppy to our hobby!  Can`t wait to take him on more adventures!

3 thoughts on “Abandoned 1960s Bungalow with Opie!”

  1. Besides being adorable and so well behaved, Opie is a perfect companion to have to come along with you both on explores – dogs have intuition if something isn’t right, eg squatters, etc.
    I say this because of a very unnerving experience I had while checking out an abandoned home in Pickering many years back.
    That home was in pristine condition, and I thought your filming was fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing ths one!

  2. Do they ever rent these places to people who are very interested or do they sell them I would like to know my name is Linda thank you. Linda Roberts says:

    Do they ever rent these places to people who are very interested or do they sell them I would like to know my name is Linda thank you

    1. Yes…often times these places are rented out short term after being sold to a developer before being demolished.

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