$4,000,000 Abandoned Mansion

For over a year I've wanted to explore this $4,000,000 abandoned mansion however every attempt was a fail up until recently!  While out exploring with Zenning with Zay & Carlo Paolozza the day was ending & I suggested we try one more place.  Zay & Carlo went up to check to see if the house was open & I sat in the car doubtful we'd get & looking for another place we could explore.  Within minutes they quickly returned to the car & excitedly showing me photos of what it looks like inside!  We geared up & headed in for what would be an absolutely amazing explore!

I started my explore in the upstairs of the mansion.  It was a weird setup but each room was huge.  The master bedroom had an en-suite bathroom with jacuzzi tub. Another bedroom also had a smaller en-suite & then there was yet another bathroom in the hallway along with a third bedroom.  For a mansion, there wasn't a lot of bedrooms but it seemed the focus was more on living space rather than sleeping which you'll see as we had downstairs!

At the front of the house was a huge living with three big windows allowing ample light in over the gorgeous hardwood floor.  I especially liked that the flooring was installed on a 45 degree angle!  This take more work & materials but looks amazing!  At the eastern side was another living room with beautiful flooring again As well a walkout & fireplace!  At the western side was yet another living room that led into the dining room.  The dining room had beautiful tiles skillfully installed & could be closed off from the kitchen & front entrance.  Lastly was a beautiful big kitchen with a huge eat-in are & plenty of windows.

It seemed really weird that this has was sitting here abandoned until I ventured into the basement. Once down there I could see mold, lots of it.  The mold had climbed the walls up to where the vapor barrier ended & in some areas it was pretty bad.  One thing we noted right away was the fact the power & water had been shut off here making for the perfect conditions for this type of decay top happen.   The basement was absolutely incredible featuring a huge kitchen & entertainment area.  There was also a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi tub position right beside the toilet which seemed rather odd to me.  Now we go to my favourite part of is $4,000,000 abandoned mansion, the staircase & front foyer!

As you enter the mansion you are greeted with a stunning staircase to the right & railing running the length of the room from the hallway above.  At the top you have two skylights each with beautiful crystal chandeliers!  The staircase continues into the basement keep the elegance flowing through all levels of the house.  I absolutely loved it & was very happy to finally have the chance to see what was inside this beauty & was not at all disappointed!

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  1. You have your answer as to why this place is abandoned, in that one bathroom, black mold! Everywhere! That’s so dangerous, the only way to kill that mold is to burn down the property! I have black mold growing in my lungs! So that’s why you’ll see a lot of abandoned places!Is cause of that,

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