Abandoned Catskills Resort

On our first road trip together Zenning with Zay & I randomly came across this Abandoned Catskills Resort!  We had spotted it while driving & weren't entirely sure if it truly was abandoned.  Zay ran up to have a closer look however spotted a driveway from another road.  As we drove away I was bothered by it as I felt it was abandoned so we made our way to the other road  where the driveway was & Zay again ran up to check.  Within seconds of entering she was running back with a huge smile & giving me the thumbs up.  I asked "sooo...???"  to which she replied "It's a perfect time capsule!"   She hopped in the car & we drove down the road to park.  She was very excited but I really didn't know what to feel as I hadn't had the look inside.  As soon as I walked in that feeling quickly changed to excitement!

The grounds were quite large & was located across the road from a stream that had some waterfalls leading to it.  Nothing big but still quite scenic.  We did a walk through of the resort & as I often do, I started at the top & worked my way down.  The upper floor appeared to have been the primary area where they had attempted renovations.

I didn't shoot ever room upstairs as a few were empty however three of them were quite interesting & two were still set up!  It seemed quite odd that the rooms were untouched for the most part.  I did move the religious piece lower in the bed for a a better shot.  As for the second room, it seems that someone had likely set up a shot which I enjoyed so much I took kept it as is.  The third room was simple with only a few pieces of decor & some bedding piled on the bed itself.  I did enjoy coming up the stairs & seeing the old wagon waiting there to greet me!  Now down to the second floor.

The second floor was completely untouched with everything seemingly in place from when it was last occupied.  Everything was very dated & the wall colour seemed to continue from the upper floor.  They must have gotten a great deal on that yellow point or the idea was to keep the rooms bright!  The bathroom sink, tub & toilet were an awesome pastel blue which was awesome!  Love the colour compared to plain white ones of current times.

The main floor here was amazing!  The kitchen still setup with cupboards full.  Two rooms, one an office & the other a bedroom were in a bit of a mess with items randomly piled up in each of them.  I wondered if perhaps they were from the empty rooms on the third floor brought down while they planned on doing work.  Then over to a huge room which seemed where all the entertaining took place.  There were dining tables set up as well as a nice lounge area beside a fireplace & near a pump organ.

Before we headed off to the next location I wanted to get a few detail shots as there was really a lot of interesting items left behind in this abandoned catskills resort.  I do consider this a smaller resort that seemed to have been last used for a private home but the clear signs of resort living were still present.  I was unable to find out any historical information on it however there were many resorts located in the Borscht Belt, many of which are long forgotten or gone.  I do hope that this place is eventually looked after as it truly was beautiful with many interesting items left behind that I would hate to see rot or destroyed.  Don't forget to check out the video as I always show more than what I take the time to photograph!

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  1. Hi again…. here is another possibility….. maybe a retirement or nursing home or home with a separate floor (3rd) for a resident family (horse and wagon indicites there may have been a child). As with the church, it looks like whoever lived there left in a bit of a hurry…….. in your spare time you should find the deed to the property to see what it was. I am intrigued!

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