Vacant $4,000,000 Party Mansion

After several attempts over the years, last summer Zenning with Zay & I finally had to opportunity to explore the Abandoned $4000000 Party Mansion!  This mansion has sat vacant for quite a long time waiting for the right owner to come & snatch it up.  The mansion is available for a price of $4,000,000 & comes with approved plans for a new mansion but for whatever reason nobody seems to want it despite sitting in a very affluent neighbouehood in Toronto.

The Vacant $4000000 Party Mansion looks rather modest from the outside.  Sure, it's quite large & has an inground pool but this is not uncommon for the neighbourhood.  The grounds are being mostly kept up with mowing of the lawn but any manicuring of shrubs has been abandoned.  The pool has been left as is for several years now & is essentially a swamp, ideal for frogs & other such amphibious creatures!  Now let's check the inside!

The basement had a super sexy mirrored room with a custom lounge couch.  I feel that there were actually two of these couches in there previously however one must have been removed at one point in time.  Mold is making an appearance in some rooms as I suspect the heat may have been off for a period of time & with the ever changing seasons in Ontario it would come as no surprise.  I had an Abandoned Mafia Mansion vibe exploring the basement here & imagining the wild parties this place hosted.  There we some unfinished areas in the basement which you can see in the video but I didn't bother taking pictures of them.

Now for the main floor.  The den features a fireplace surrounded with a beautiful built in shelving unit.  There was a bathroom beside it but it wasn't easy to shoot so I skipped it & moved on to the living room which also has a fireplace & floor to ceiling windows.  The dining room was across the main corridor from the living room & featured floor to ceiling mirrors which you will see when I showcase the stairs & front entrance below.  The kitchen was quite large & featured several sliding doors that overlooked the pool in the backyard.  I loved the kitchen & unique design of it!  Off the kitchen was a laundry room with ultra funky wallpaper!

Now for the family room or what I really suspect to be the main party spot which is why I call this the Vacant $4,000,000 Party Mansion!   This room was just under 1,000 square feet!  It featured a built in stereo system, small bar & ample space to get the funk down!  There were also floor to ceiling windows on all sides & the centre piece of the room was fireplace.  In one of the pictures you can actually see the design for the house that has been approved to be built on the land!

The upstairs featured four bedrooms however the master bedroom was locked.  The wallpaper was everywhere in the common areas & must have been quite the feat to complete!  There was also a bathroom that was seemingly right out of the 1980's.  There was one other bedroom that is beyond words so I shot it from virtually every conceivable angle as if they were stairs.

I was at a loss for words in here.  It was just so much & out of this world.  The colours, patterns overall in your face was just so...well...amazing!  I know some will hate it whereas other will love it.  To me, it was awesome because it was so unique.  Last but certainly not the least was the stairs!!!

I'm a sucker for spiral staircases & these delivered!  Just everything about them were just so incredible!  It's really sad that this will eventually be gone but I am happy after many years of trying to have actually been able to get in & see it for myself.

6 thoughts on “Vacant $4,000,000 Party Mansion”

  1. That bedroom has been used to film kiddie pron for sure! Creepy as frack! It looks just like a room some 50 year old perv would think little children like.

  2. just curious…. how did you get in? With permission from the owners, did you find an opening somewhere? The stories this house holds…. it is amazing…. still!!

  3. In-freaking-credible! This is in Toronto!? That’s right in my backyard more or less as I live in neighbouring Durham Region.

    The wallpaper! I agree, most of this looks 80s as all hell but possibly 60s-70s? I mean, that orange shag carpet in one of the bedrooms – I don’t know whether to love or hate it!

    I’ve been watching your videos on the YouTubes and checking out your site now; been a fan of your buddy Freaktography for years. Thank you for inspiring me to even just go through and MAYBE process photos I’ve had sitting in my camera for months!

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