Abandoned $15,000,000 Mafia Boss Mansion

At the end of 2017 Myself, Freaktography & Carlo Paolozza made our first visit to the Abandoned Mafia Mansion.  We had no idea what we were in for but knew it was going to be a great way to kick off 2018!  We made several visits to this unique location so I will be mixing day & night photos together but the story will go from our first visit to our last!  Our first visit was under the cover of darkness.  We made our way in easily & began the discovery process.

The mansion had a beautiful stone wall at the front entrance & had a very 80's chic feel throughout.  The dining room & living room faced east allowing for some incredible sunrises & the many windows let in ample light!

Off the kitchen was an amazing indoor pool with a easterly facing wall of windows!  This was so awesome!  The pool still had water in it which made the explore both nerve racking as well as exciting to be in a place so freshly abandoned!

There were a few bedrooms upstairs but were of little interest to me so I didn't bother taking any pictures of them.  The master bathroom however was pretty awesome & completely lined with mirrors.  A bit odd but at the same time very cool to be in!  It wasn't until we entered the basement that we found the really treasure this mansion had to offer!

The basement of the Abandoned Mafia Mansion was definitely party central!  There was a bar, double-sided fireplace large rec room area, a spiral staircase that went up to the pool, sauna & even windows that would look right into the pool!  This place was down right groovy!  But there was more.....

Down one side of the basement there was some psychedelic wallpaper leading to an arched corridor accented with two pillars.  From there we entered the sexy room!  This was jaw dropping!  A metal palm tree in a table was the centre piece & there were four booth areas each with a table & stools.  The walls had speakers built in. Then, behind a curtain was a secret room!  This clearly was a sexy party area & one can only imagine the cocaine fueled sex romps that took place here!

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  1. My favourite mansion ever. 😉 Searching the photos, videos of it everywhere, but now, your file name: “I tell the trouth… ” is soooo funny to write a comment.

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