Abandoned Time Capsule General Store House

In northern Ontario you can find plenty of ghost towns.  This one that Zenning with Zay & I visited had an  abandoned time capsule general store house!  The house itself was very old & had a few other abandoned houses nearby which we did not check as the black flies were absolutely terrible!

The kitchen was pretty awesome & still had many items left as they were by the owners.  The room itself was quite large, especially for the time this house was built & very high ceilings.  There were also many little treasures such as old books for the early 1900's, a lounger chair & even an old stand up radio!  These was all very cool items!

Just off the kitchen was what I would assume to have been the store based on the counter & walls lined with shelves.  This room was really interesting & dangerous as the floor was slopping in many directions under the weight of the safe & general decay the foundation is suffering from.  Although there was no basement under this area, I used extreme caution as to not go through the floor potentially hurting myself, or getting trapped.

Of the two other rooms on the main floor, one had a handful of cool old items left behind,  The old pram was so photogenic as well as the television.  The other room was completely empty which you can see in my video posted above.

Finally I made my way upstairs & like the main floor, it didn't disappoint!  One bedroom had an old bed frame & crib!  There was also layers of wall paper that were clearly quite old & had been used to cover up the last layer.

As we ventured outside there was a addition that had collapsed & had some interesting items still in it however the black flies were so brutal I barely had a chance to take two pictures before abandoning the shoot & taking shelter in the car!   Despite that, it was a very cool explore!

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