Abandoned House of Horrors

The Abandoned House of Horrors was definitely a creepy place.  This was a location my pal Freaktography found & shared with us & we finally got around to it on our first road trip of 2020!

As with any abandoned place we plan on exploring we first do a drive-by.  As we passed it we became very excited just by how creepy the exterior looked!  We parked quite a ways away, geared up & headed into the bush to make our approach.  As we crossed a small clearing we began to find bones.  Cow bones & quite a few of them.  It was pretty creepy to say the least!

Abandoned House of Horrors

Now it's not uncommon to find bones or dead animals in or around abandoned places but it definitely was a first finding cow skulls. Plus many other random bones from cows. Seemed really odd to me that they had let the cows die & rot away until there was nothing but bones left.  This is clearly how the Abandoned House of Horrors got its name!

On top of the fact the property was littered with animal bones there was something else pretty amazing here. Not only did we find two old guns, we also found some very old Canadian currency! In some cases the money was dating back over 100 years! Out of fear someone would take it home with them we decided to hide it away. After all, it belongs to someone else whether dead or alive.

As we entered the house, immediately we were shocked!  This place had everything & I mean everything left behind!  It seemed that at one point in time things had been brought out, possibly to sell or salvage.  But, that time had long since passed as dust & cobwebs collected on the items.  There were so many precious treasures left behind it was overwhelming.  I almost didn't notice the gorgeous pocket doors separating the dining room from the smaller family room.

The main eating area also seemed like it would have been the centre of the house. It had a modest table for eating but also chairs for sitting & lounging. Made it seem more of the central hub of the home!

Finally I made my way upstairs & although still creeped out, I felt a little more at ease. That`s because the upstairs was quite messy & felt very much abandoned compared to the downstairs. There was things sorted tossed all over the place but there were still so many amazing things left behind! A true time capsule!

As I close the books on the Abandoned House of Horrors I wanted to showcase some detail shots. I don`t often take the time with smaller details as I do love my wide angle, big picture shots but this place deserved it. I honestly could have spent all day there but we were heading to Quebec! This was definitely an EPIC adventure!!

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