Creepy Abandoned Time Capsule

Recently Zenning with Zay & I decided to visit this Creepy Abandoned Time Capsule.  This is not a new location & I had visited it several years ago.  But, after seeing recent pics from our friend Freaktography, we knew it was definitely worth the revsit!

To be honest, I'm not really sure why it wasn't that exciting when I first visited. Maybe because I was heading to an abandoned power plant after that my head wasn't really into it. But, I am glad we did a revisit! The Creepy Abandoned Time Capsule itself is nothing special from the outside. Located on a fairly busy road, it sits back a bit with a few barns & other out buildings. From the outside, it really wasn't anything special. A plain but functional house & several barns indicate this was originally used for farming. The barns out back had a few surprises to reveal once we found our way in! Barns often are boring but sometimes you do find treasures!

I started off the explore upstairs & boy was I shocked & excited! It seems that after all these years, most, if not everything was still the same but better! The natural decay consuming the house as it was last lived in is truly something unique. Often times there are looters & vandals but this place was pretty untouched! Of all the rooms upstairs I must say the girls bedroom was my favourite. Simply because it was as if she left, never to return. Followed closely by the super decayed bedroom. Its just so interesting to see nature doing its thing!

Moving on to the main floor, back bedroom was also crazily decayed & essential left as is. Despite the mystery surrounding these places, the real reason they are abandoned is often due to old age. Once you can no longer care for yourself, its time to get help. The owners likely moved into town where they could get the help & support they needed.

The front family room was mostly furnished with a sweet old pole lamp. Funny to see a small, older television sitting atop a new one when most the time its the other way around. Typical those massive wood framed televisions are too bloody heavy to move so the modern one would be placed on top!

The kitchen was easily my favourite spot of the main floor. The paint peels, texture & overall decay was off the charts! Its not often that we come across places with such an incredible amount of natural decay. I just find it so visually appealing! Definitely an amazing place to explore & an all around epic abandoned time capsule!

There isn't a lot of these places around Ontario, well the more explored areas. But I am sure there are more out there hiding, waiting to be discovered!

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  1. The car is a Fiat Spyder. Not sure what year – maybe early ’70s. Also, the paint peel may have been the result of decades of applying incompatible paints (oil/acrylic) over each other.

  2. Did you happen to figure out when the house was abandoned? To me that is my number one question about any house! All the best.

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