Abandoned Cabin Time Capsule

Usually hidden from heavy overgrowth is the Abandoned Cabin Time Capsule!  Zenning with Zay & I have driven down this road many times but somehow missed it.  Thanks to our friend Lostspot Photography for hooking us up with it!

The Abandoned Cabin Time Capsule sits on a fairly busy road.  Well it seemed buy while Zay & I took turns watching Opie while the other explored.  Its also in an area where there is no streetview & the satellite imagery is garbage so you wouldn't even know its there.  Especially in the summer months when all the leaves are hiding it.

Now I had a bit of an idea of what was in store as I had already looked at Lostspots photos, but I had no real idea just how awesome this place really was!  I was amazed that virtually everything was still in its place!  The ceiling was caving in over the wood stove yet everything else seemed untouched!

By now I am sure you can tell this was a small place but quite interesting nonetheless! The kitchen was a bit messy but was mostly still set up. Despite the hydro being connected, there was zero chance I would tempt fate & open the fridge!  One thing I find with a lot of these abandoned time capsules is that the hydro is often still connected.

What I found weird about this place was that the bedroom seemed to have been decorated as if a teen lived there.  With even old projects hung on the wall of favourite hockey players & sports cars.  Most adults I know would never put up things like that on their wall.  No judgement from me though as it did seem more of a getaway than anything.  This is purely speculation but maybe the past owner was a recluse & liked things just the way they were!  Beyond the kitchen was the bathroom which led into the laundry room.  This back area was in rough shape from a failing room.  Despite being small it was a pretty awesome place to explore.  I also must point out that there appeared to have been a second floor but I couldn't see any signs of a staircase going up.  I feel the windows on the second floor were there to let light into the attic.  I could see through a hole in the roof it was unfinished up there.  Great little explore!

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