Abandoned Red Brick House

It was Halloween day that Zenning with Zay & I discovered this Abandoned Red Brick House!  The property was over grown but the house looked to be in excellent condition!

As we drove up the driveway we were amazed with how beautiful the Abandoned Red Brick House was. Aside from the overgrown property it seemed like it was still lived in. Every the driveways, yes tow of them, seemed well worn. I volunteered to go up & check it out while Zay stayed with Urbex Opie in the car.

I walked up to the back door & it was open!  I ventured inside & was amazed with all the decay!  It certainly looked clean on the outside but inside was a different story!  I quickly went back out to the car to say it was urbexable but not safe for a puppy.

The kitchen area was probably in the worst condition of the whole house. The floor was drooping towards the middle & was damp & very unsafe looking. I am sure it was strong, but why risk it.

Off the kitchen was a huge dining room that had beautiful solid wood doors & tall baseboards.  One thing I noticed was the odd design of the mold in the 5th picture.  It looked like a face!  It might be easier to see in the video so be sure to check that out!  There was a small room off the dining room which seemed too small for a bedroom but may have been a sewing room.  Then at the front was a huge living room.   The wood work continued throughout with a gorgeous railing on the staircase.  It was VERY unique & in the video I was able to get some pretty cool shadows coming off it!

As I ventured upstairs I had to navigate around lots of racoon poop. It was pretty disgusting which is why I opted to not allow Opie to come in.  At the front of the house which I assume was the original part there was a girls bedroom & boys bedroom.  These were pretty obvious with the paint colour & stickers on the wall!  Then a master bedroom & a small sort of office bedroom.  Those two were quite decayed as you can see!

The last area to explore was the back of the second floor.  It was really gross back there & lots of fresh animal poop.  I didn't stay long but there was two decayed bedrooms & a bathroom.  There was also a back staircase that led down to the laundry room!  I must say this was definitely a nice abandoned house to explore.  There was nothing left behind but the beautiful architecture & decay was a nice treat.  Plus the fact there wasn't any vandalism!!

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