Abandoned Addams Family House

While off on vacation, Zenning with Zay & I decided to dig into some areas we hadn't explored in a while.  One place on the list to check was the beautiful Abandoned Addams Family House!

As we drove over the crest of a hill & spotted the Abandoned Addams Family House, both Zenning with Zay & I knew this would be a great explore!  The tower or Widow's Walk was visible from quite a ways away as were the numerous huge barns!

The best feature of had to be the tower.  The tower, also known as a widow's watch/walk stood high above the house itself & was said to be used by wives to watch for their husband's return.  Often times the mariner wouldn't return  leaving the women widowed.

That said, there is no actual evidence that this architectural feature was actually intended for such use.  In fact, this was actually standard decorative feature of Italianate architecture!

The family who had originally owned the house & surrounding lands were dairy farmers & clearly were quite successful at it!

Although amazing on the outside, inside the Abandoned Addams Family House annoyed us a bit.  The alcove that was on both levels was off centre of the room!  What kind of lunatic would do that??

The main staircase was very nice with a small landing at the top with a 4 step up to the main landing.  Then another 4 step to a bedroom & a 3 step to another.  As always, I took shot them from every angle!  Some angles I didn't like so decided to exclude them in this post.

I did not venture into the basement here as the stairs were pretty rickety.  I could clearly see it was unfinished & uninteresting.  This was a great little explore of a very unique house which will forever be known to Zay & I as the Abandoned Addams Family House!

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