Ontario Abandoned Farm House

While out on a recent adventure with my partner in crime, Zenning with Zay, we randomly came across this Ontario Abandoned Farm House!  We quickly did a u-turn to see what this beauty had to offer us!

It was quite obvious that is would be super decayed from what we could see on the outside.  As we walked around looking for a way in I noticed several areas where the foundation was falling in.  We were almost out of luck but there was one more door to check & it opened!

Right away we found an awesome antique stove.  These are always great to shoot as they are usually in the centre of the kitchen making it very photogenic. There were several holes in the kitchen floor however there was no basement under that area so we were safe to walk around.  Also hidden away in a room off the kitchen was an antique washing machine!  This Ontario Abandoned Farm House was delivering the goods!

The funny thing about this place is once we got inside we saw things were in disarray.  We spent quite a bit of time setting up the rooms to make in photogenic.  After some time it was ready to shoot!  I took one photo & noticed a truck out front.  The woman in the truck jumped out & took a picture of our car & left.  We didn't think much of it & kept on exploring.  A minute later the same truck flew up the driveway.

The driver, a irritated looking man, hoped out of the truck so I went into the room where Zenning with Zay was.  We pretended nothing as if we didn't know he was there.  Seconds later he screams in the front door "HEY!".  Zay being super cute & not threatening at all went to the door to greet him.  His demeanor immediately changed!

He asks somewhat surprised "What the heck are you doing???".  Zay replied "Just taking pictures!".  I then came over & we apologized repeatedly for the inconvenience & said we would leave.  Much to our surprise he said "Well, you may as well finish what you're doing since you're already inside!".  We thanked him repeatedly & continued with the explore laughing about how Zay diffused the situation! She is my secret weapon against angry property owners!

It was nice to be able to relax the rest of the explore knowing we had permission.  It's often hard to find owners to ask to shoot places & this one basically fell right into our laps!

It was an amazing place to explore to say the least.   With antiques & decay this was what we both absolutely love to explore!  We both were so happy that we could shoot this Ontario Abandoned Farm House after putting in so much work setting it all up!

6 thoughts on “Ontario Abandoned Farm House”

  1. The game is crokinole. The first crafted Crokinole board was made in Perth County, Ontario.

  2. Very kool. Glad he let you guys take your pics. Must have been scary thinking you had an angry owner. Did he tell you why it was empty? .

    1. I have many worse experiences including being arrested at gun point but SWAT! Didn’t mention why it was no longer occupied but we didn’t want to press to much!

  3. Hello, I have an 1880’s old farm house in Oro-Medonte and have been looking for a period front door with sidelights and transom. This abandoned house has one. I don’t know if the house is still standing, but I would like to approach the owner and buy the door. Can ypou tell me where it is. I am prepared to pay a finder’s fee. robjyoung12@gmail.com

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