Abandoned Stained Glass Church & School

It was pretty awesome getting the chance to explore the Abandoned Stained Glass Church & School!  Last summer Freaktography & I headed out on a weekend long adventure to New York state.  We had some pretty amazing things lined up for the weekend which included sleeping inside an abandoned asylum!  The last explore of the first day would be the well known stained glass church.

The Abandoned Stained Glass Church & School dates back to 1922 & is located in the First Ward Parish of the large city in the Rust Belt.  Although this area was known to have many Irish immigrants, it was the Polish immigrants that led to the building of this church.

The upper level of the building had numerous classrooms all connected by a long corridor from one end of the building to the other.  The main floor was where the sanctuary is located.

As with many cities in the Rust Belt, populations shrank over the years as the industry left.  In 2007 the Diocese announced the closing of this church.  The building is owned, as every abandoned building is & available for redevelopment but nothing has happened.

This was a pretty amazing explore & what surprised me was that virtually all the stained glass windows were still in tact.  I had been by this church many times in the past but never noticed it.  It sits right down the road from one of my favourite pizza joints in town but I usually am starving & tired when I was in the area.  Who knows what will become of the Abandoned Stained Glass Church & School.

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