Millionaires Abandoned Castle Mansion

The Millionaires Abandoned Castle Mansion was like many of our discoveries, completely random.  Zenning with Zay & I were driving around when she spotted something interesting.  I didn't see it but we did a u-turn to check it out!

We pulled into the driveway unsure of its status as there were numerous trash bins sitting out front.  A few tell tale signs confirmed that it was indeed abandoned!  We drove off to park & headed back to check out what we had found!

The Millionaires Abandoned Castle Mansion sits on a huge lot in the heart of the city.  In the sprawling backyard is a nice sized in ground pool.  This sort of lot fetches millions these days & the mansion itself will be demolished if it isn't already gone.

The kitchen was huge & oddly still equipped with all the appliances.  There was plenty of prep space as well as a lounge area, huge eat-in area, a gas fireplace & built in cabinetry.  There was also a set of French doors leading to an enclosed sun room!

The castle had a rather odd layout to it.  With a central staircase & then a back spiral staircase it seemed rather odd & unique.  Especially when you can see both staircases in the first picture in the set above.  The easiest way to describe it is as a back split.

The basement was quite large but for the most part not that interesting.  There was a laundry still equipped with a washer & dryer duet. A large chalkboard from floor to ceiling was in a huge room I suspect was a play room.  Then another had a fireplace.  Tucked away in what I thought was a closet actually turned out to be a wine cellar!  Often times these abandoned places have their power cut but this one was an exception!

The upper levels had a few rooms, two of which were moderate size.  The other two were quite big with one having a sweet gas fireplace & a small window that over looks the spiral staircase!  The other large room had an awesome bathroom which was inside the castle turret you could see on the outside pictures!

The en-suite bathroom wasn't massive but it was beautiful.  With an abandoned tub right below the turret.  Also, the shower stall featured a bench seat & ceiling to floor glass.

Now for the staircase!  The main staircase was awesome but obviously the spiral staircase the real beauty!  It seemed odd to have two but the spiral one seemed more of a decorative piece.   I must say it wasn't that easy shooting it but I feel I captured it pretty darn well!

17 thoughts on “Millionaires Abandoned Castle Mansion”

  1. Hey I was just wondering where this house was located?? It’s so beautiful I couldn’t stand to see it tore down. Thanks Christine

  2. Awesome house! Thanks so much for the great tour… I was itching for you to open all the drawers and cabinets but that’s just my curiosity, lol! It’s so sad that’s it’s being demolished… seems it could have been saved especially with all the modernizations.

  3. I live in Ontario,Canada and am absolutely in love with this place. I’d hate to see it demolished!! Where is it located in Ontario??

    1. The front door was unlocked. But thanks for jumping to conclusions with the email address & name you chose to input.

  4. Hello
    Ok so I’m new to you and was wondering WHY these houses were just abandoned? Wouldn’t they want to sale even if just for 200$$ sheesh .. sooooo sad that these houses could have been loved by somebody !!!!

  5. Did you find out the story behind this property and why it was abandoned? I love hearing the back stories and the history.

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