Dangerous Abandoned Country Mansion

This Dangerous Abandoned Country Mansion was quite a surprise.  This country mansion is completely hidden from Google maps.  It also was mostly hidden from site on the road.  I happened to spot a peak of a roof through some huge trees so Zenning with Zay & I headed over to check it out!

We really didn't know what to expect as we drove up what we assumed was the driveway.  The Dangerous Abandoned Country Mansion was bigger than we expected.  This huge brick home towered over us as we began searching for a way in.  Once inside we quickly realized that not only was it EPIC...it was also VERY dangerous.

After doing a walk through we decided to start from the upper floor & make our way down.  Right away we noticed that most of the bedrooms upstairs had serious water damage & holes in the floor.  We wanted to go in them but our gut told us best to stay on sold ground!

The main staircase of the mansion was quite grand with 18 steps.  I estimate the rooms on booth floor to be 9 feet in height, if not taller!  It was quite an impressive place!

On the main floor is where things were in pretty bad condition.  Surprisingly worse than the upper floor!  Rooms seemed jam packed with random items.  Unfortunately there was no way I could go in & dig deeper as the rooms were too dangerous to enter.  As you can see, some of the floors were completely gone!

The kitchen was absolutely incredible!  Not only was everything left behind, the level of decay was incredible!  Also, you can see there are still dishes in the drying rack making this truly a mystery!  I believe the kitchen did not have a basement under it so it was mostly safe to move around in there.  As you will notice, surrounding the counter & sink area the entire wall is caving in making the upper level very unstable.

The Dangerous Abandoned Country Mansion was truly an amazing place to explore.  Both Zenning with Zay were in heaven exploring it.    Be sure to check out the video too!

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