Abandoned Cattle Farmer Hoarder House

Abandoned Cattle Farmer Hoarder House! I have driven past this house for easily a decade & always wondered if it was abandoned. It certainly had a creepy look to it & seemed neglected but there was just something about it that kept me from actually checking it out. Finally in 2018 I stopped to have a look with Zenning with Zay.  Sure enough it was abandoned & we could see in the windows that it was full of items but unfortunately it was locked up tight.  We would try a few more times before finally the back door was unlocked!

I started my explore in the upper level which seemed to not be the primary living area.  What I would have expected to be the master bedroom was virtually empty aside from a few items.  A second bedroom was filled with random pieces of furniture & other items.  It appeared that It seemed as it they had been moved around as if someone was looking for items of value.  Another bedroom was also in such a state however there was a clothes dryer in the room which seemed out of place on the second floor of the house.  A fourth room was set up like a kitchen which made me think that perhaps at one point there could have been two families living there.

All the answers would reveal themselves on the main floor. but first we look at the kitchen.  Everything was still here there in the cupboards, on shelves & well, pretty much everywhere.  It was clear that the place was rummaged through which is sad to see.  Even sadder was the amount of personal items left everywhere.

Just off the kitchen was a dark room.  As I aimed my flashlight in I was shocked at what I saw. The room, as you can see was jammed with virtually anything & everything.  I didn't set foot beyond the doorway as it was just far too much to even consider looking through.  This also made it very apparent that the person who lived here was a hoarder.

I then headed down the hallway to the last remaining room I had yet to explore.  This is where everything came together.  There was a hospital bed, two wheel chairs & other medical items.  This was also the room that seemed the most lived in.  After I explored it I started doing some research on the house.  What I found out was rather sad.

It turns out the house wasn't abandoned as long as I had assumed.  The owner of the house, a retired cattle farmer & tailor had long standing ties to the community.  He was receiving home care on a regular basis which was well documented on calendars throughout the house. Sadly he passed away at home in his 86th year in February of 2015 after what seemed to be a long last illness.  It seems that there is still quite a few family members located in the area however its unknown as to why nobody has come & cleaned out the house.

6 thoughts on “Abandoned Cattle Farmer Hoarder House”

  1. Awesome find. All those windows!!! The room he stayed in at his end is absolutely wonderful. Hard to tell why nobody cleaned it out, a secondhand store would have loved most of that stuff.

    Thanks RiddimRyder!

  2. Thank you for providing an update on the Cattle Farmer House. I had a feeling he may have passed away (RIP!) since everything stopped in 2015. Seems there were one or more children in the photos around the house and likely grandchildren….who would probably love to have some of their grandfathers belongings one day. Perhaps they will still be there when they are old enough to set out for them. I hope so.

    1. Thanks for checking it out. I was by there recently & the property was cleaned up a bit so maybe they are going to see if there is anything salvageable!

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