Abandoned Colourful Farmhouse

Its pretty obvious why we called this the Abandoned Colourful Farmhouse!

While out on yet another adventure with Zenning with Zay we stopped at a very overgrown driveway that led to a thick cluster of trees in the middle of a field. We parked & made our way to see what if anything may be hidden away in the thick overgrowth.  We both expected there to be nothing as we expected to have been able to see at least an edge of a roof or something.  But it wasn't until we were almost on top of it that a house slowly revealed itself!

The fairly large brick home was well hidden by years of overgrowth from lack of property upkeep.  We were quite excited & quickly started looking for a way inside this beaut!  Within a few seconds I found an unlocked door that led into a massive kitchen! I absolutely loved the size of the kitchen & could easily image a large family seated around a harvest table for a Sunday dinner! 

I then promptly went upstairs to work my way top down & was really surprised by the colour schemes!  It was like  they let their children select the colour of the paint or there was a clearance on dramatic colours!  It was actually pretty cool to be honest!

There there was the staircase.  As you all must know by now one of my favourite features inside abandoned places is the stairs.  Although these were quite simple, I still loved them because every spindle was still in place which often times these old farmhouses have been vandalized.

Moving down again to the main floor, I took a few shots of the stairs from the bottom perspective.  I just love the lines & repetition which accompanies staircases!

The rest of the main floor featured two living rooms, a storage room of sorts, large bathroom & laundry room.  Its likely the last two rooms had other uses back in the day but they were changed for a more modern use.   One thing that I found odd was that there was only one fireplace in the house & it was in the kitchen.  This really made no sense as most, if not all old century farm houses were heated with fire!  Perhaps there was on that was removed over time but I really saw no evidence of that anywhere.

This Abandoned Colourful Farmhouse was certainly an interesting explore!

6 thoughts on “Abandoned Colourful Farmhouse”

  1. I agree. That is a beautiful staircase. Cool colour schemes to look at. Don’t think I could live with them though. The house looks like it is salvageable. Would be nice to have the money to rescue some of these old gems.

  2. A friend of my progeny, El Kiddo, went with her to a famous house reputed to be haunted. The friend went up the stairs and looked around the empty floor. The rooms were all glassed in and locked so no one could enter those. She went down the winding staircase and took a picture of that empty space. When she downloaded the pictures there was a baby descending the stairs. It was dressed in pink, the manly version of red in the 1800s when this child would have lived.

    Be careful, Riddim Ryder. You never know what lurks behind as you try to Get.Back.Down. Safely.

  3. A friend of El Kiddo, my progeny, went with her to visit a famous haunted house. The friend went up the winding staircase to look at the glassed in rooms in the empty upstairs. She descended the empty staircase and turned to take a picture. When she downloaded her photos there was a baby looking very cranky as it walked down the steps. The baby was dressed in pink, the mini male’s version of manly red in the 1800s.

    Be aware of what lurks behind you as you try to return down the steps safely.


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