Abandoned Decaying Bungalow

On this adventure we check out this Abandoned Decaying Bungalow!  We had attempted to explore it many but were unsuccessful....until one day.

This house is a prime example of why you should never give up on a location because you can't get in after one attempt.  I honestly can't out a number on how many times both myself & Zenning with Zay have tried to gain entry here.  This raised bungalow has been abandoned for roughly 5 years now & sits in a wealthy neighbourhood waiting to be demolished.

The houses sits on approximately 1.5 acres of land & has a sprawling backyard featuring a jungle gym, tennis court, greenhouse, large shed & an in-ground swimming pool.  As I was taking a photo of the pool I noticed something that caused a ripple in the water.  As I focused my attention on the water itself I noticed that there was a gold fish in in!  As I stood there more appeared & from what I estimate there was at least 50 of them living in it!  So strange to see that as they were definitely put in there intentionally.

The master bedroom appeared have also had an office based on some of the items found in it. There was a large closet with probably a dozen iPhone boxes but none of the phones were left behind. Also off the master bedroom was a large bathroom complete with a jacuzzi tub.

The next room I came across was a bedroom for two children.  This was a sad room as there were so many personal items left behind.  Clothing, toys & other personal effects were strewn about & it made me wonder how a child would feel having to leave everything behind.  My suspicions were that the family were foreign nationals who either went back to their country of origin or they just abandoned the house as they could no longer afford the mortgage & high property taxes in this upper class neighbourhood.

As I made my way down the hall I passed a bathroom with virtually everything left behind.  Then just past that was the front entrance as well as the staircase.  This was by no means anything grand but it was still nice!  Random items covered the floor & raccoons had made a mess throughout.

Next into the kitchen which was a total disaster!  Cupboards were opened & their contents strewn across the counter tops & floor.   It was in here I could clearly hear the sounds of raccoons rustling around in the attic of the house.  Fortunately they stayed away long enough for us to explore the entire house uninterrupted.  The kitchen appliances & cupboards were all quite nice but in their current condition were basically a write off.

As I made my way into the living room that's when the condition of this house revealed itself.  The roof was clearly failing & water had been seeping in ultimately destroying the front of the house.  Walls were beginning to fail as drywall turned to mush.  Plants began making their way in & mold was making its presence known!  Plus with some many things left behind it really created an amazing scene!

The basement of this Abandoned Decaying Bungalow was in pretty rough shape but like the main floor, it was packed with items left behind.  Most of which were children's toys & games.  The water damage upstairs was really causing havoc in the basement as mold was throughout but surprisingly not too bad.  An open window let fresh air in which was good for breathing as I didn't have a respirator with me.  There were two bedrooms that appeared to be for children, a smaller office type room with everything including a young boy's photos still hanging on the wall.  A fairly large bathroom with a sauna that was used to store items.  Understandably I didn't spend too much time down there because of concerns with the air but you can see a heck of a lot more in my video!   Although the house sat rotting for several years, demolition is looming & I would be surprised if it was still there today.

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