Abandoned Clergy House

While Zenning with Zay & I were out adventuring we spotted an abandoned house which turned out to be the Abandoned Clergy House!

This house is situated right beside an abandoned church & I imagine that at one point in time they were related to each other. Often times there is a house beside a church for the pastor to live in. As mentioned this was a random discovery & despite doing some digging, there really isn't much out there about it!

I started the explore off in the kitchen which was quite big which is common in older farmer houses originally owned by someone well off!! The other rooms on the main floor were a living room off a dining room, a family room & then a back storage area behind the kitchen.

From what I was able to piece together is that the last owners here were not associated to the church. The gentlman was a local woodworker & after passing in 2011, the remaining family moved out. The house has sat empty since slowly faling victim to the elements.

The upper level had four huge bedrooms & a bathroom. I especially enjoyed the bedroom where the paint chips rained down all over the floor!  As well, the hallway was tall & wide which also is common for the nice old homes. I figure it to be easily 100 years old as it would have been built around when the church was!  The house seemed quite normal but things were about to change.

I then headed up into the attic where I was shocked with what I was seeing. There was all sorts of artwork & magazines strewn around. Even some of the art was hung on the wall. I then turned around to see the alter boy gowns hanging. This was super creepy on its own as they were sort of ghostly figures. But it wasn't until after we left did it really bother us. It would seem that these were items left behind from when the church was in operation. It also seemed that the last owners had no idea that these things were up there. Now from the way things looked, these were hidden away in a secret storage area in the attic & someone brought them out to display. I hate to speculate about something awful happening, but it just seems so weird to have these items hidden away in the attic from a time before the latest owners lived there. Sure made for a creepy explore & shows why I named it the Abandoned Clergy House!

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