Abandoned 1960’s Grow Op Bungalow

This Abandoned 1960's Grow Op Bungalow was one of MANY places Zenning with Zay & I explored during the holiday season! I had over a week off which we spent exploring!!

Zay had this abandoned house pinned however while in the area recently, we skipped it.  Actually, I think we just overlooked it.  Funny thing too is the last house we explored in the area was from the same era, had a lot of stuff left behind & Opie was with us!  From the outside it really didn't look like that much but you should never judge a book by the cover.  Especially when it comes to exploring!

Once inside I headed to the left which led to two bedrooms a bathroom & beyond that was the master bedroom The master featured a walk out balcony & its own bathroom with a bidet!  It was in the bedroom where I started to notice some evidence leading me to believe this could have been a grow op.  But I really wasn't sure.

I then headed back to the front area where the living room & dining room were located.  It was weird that in the living room all this random stuff was pushed to the outer walls.  It was as if someone attempted to tidy a bit but became overwhelmed!   From what I understand, the house had been leased for many years before the developer finally took possession.  So in other words, it was a long time coming & the last people living there were not the original owners.

Off the dining room was the kitchen of this Abandoned 1960's Grow Op Bungalow!  Now at the time I still didn't know it was a grow op but I would soon find out!  The kitchen, like everything else in here was dated & seemed to have last been updated in the 1980s or early 1990s!

Heading into the basement I first pass a door to the outside. This door was done with parkay. It looked pretty tacky! Then into the basement which at one point was mostly parkay! It featured a huge party room with a bar & fireplace. The to the other side was a launry room with small kitchenette, then a billards room & one last huge room! Oh I forgot to mention the wildly tacky bathroom too! I thought that was all until I noticed somthingn odd beside a bookshelf. The next set shows what I saw & found!

I must say I was pretty surprised to see what looked like a secret/hidden door . When I was able to open it I didn't really think much of it. Then I noticed one room which had all the grow op signs. It certainly could have been a pretty decdnt little set up in there! Certainly moe than the legal amount to grow but I found nothing to indicate they were ever caught! All in all, pretty cool explore with the complete surpse of the grow op!

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