Huge Abandoned Time Capsule House

The last explore on Zenning with Zay & my Honeymoon Road trip was this Huge Abandoned Time Capsule House in New Brunswick!

It was the final day of exploring for us & due to torrential rains we had to change up or plans. Our initial destination was Cape Breton however the rain but the region under a state of emergency! We decided to head along the north coast, visiting anything that was interesting!

From the outside the place had a super eerie vibe!  The fog backdrop & bleached cedar shake made for a very ominous scene!  Plus, the place was clearly massive so we couldn't wait to get inside!

Starting upstairs, I checked out what seemed to be the servants quarters as the area was mainly accessible from a kitchen staircase.  This was a common thing in these older farm houses, especially where the family was wealthy.  This was clearly the case for the original owners of the Huge Abandoned Time Capsule House! As you can see, the first few rooms had a few items left behind but had been tossed about.  Fortunately as I explored on, things took a turn for the better!

The more of the house I explored, the more interesting the items I came across!  Not only did things become more interesting, but the decay was looking pretty sweet!  I'm a huge sucker for the natural decay which I am sure by now anyone who follows me is well aware!  Next it was time to head down to the main floor which was better than the upper level!!

The first room seemed to be a family room of sorts & was big & bright with a beautiful medallion on the ceiling for the chandelier. The doors & woodwork down here were amazing & in pristine condition!! From there you entered a living room which seemed to be the main relaxing area for the family!  We really got a good glimpse of the people that once occupied this place!

The last areas I checked out were the dining room & kitchen. The dining room was just off to the right of the staircase & connected with the kitchen. The wood work was just as beautiful as the rest of the main floor....aside from the wood paneling by the stairs! The kitchen was a bit of a mess but still had virtually everything left behind. As daylight was slipping away quickly, we decided to end our explore as we still had many hours of driving ahead of us! This was a pretty amazing place to end off our exploring for this road trip!!

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