Abandoned Globe File Manufacturing Company

One of the last explores Zenning with Zay & I did in 2021 was the Abandoned Globe File Manufacturing Company!

It had easily been 7 years since my first visit to the Abandoned Globe File Manufacturing Company & I was excited to do a revisit!

Buildings on the 3 acre property were built over a century with the oldest believed to have been built in 1853!  The original building was an L shaped structure that was added on to over the years!  This area was it pretty bad condition &  mostly inaccessible.  Being situated along the river side meant that that plant was powered using hydroelectricity & the tail races were still evident even to this day!  Very interesting to see these old stone waterways that were used over 100 years ago still just as structurally sound as the day they were built!

Although the factory was built over several decades, the same thought process went into the design & construction. Built to withstand heavy industrial manufacturing, the wood, brick & steel bones within the factory are all solid!   They can easily be repurposed with minimal demolition work. This to me seemed crazy as most of the original building seemed to have caved in!  Mind you, the exterior walls seemed to be quite structurally sound & are probably just as square as they were 100+ years ago.

One thing to take note of is that many massive windows featured throughout the factory. This is due to the fact many industrial sites relied heaily on natural light back when electricity was still in the early stages of use! Even with many of these windows now boarded & an overcast sky plenty of natural light stll spilled in!

Like many small towns with a factory, this was the biggest employer around. The plant itself stayed in operation up until the mid 1970's when it closed. Afterwards the building was leased out to various tenants before eventually being in the state which it is today. Several years back on my first visit work was actually being done on site. There was a real effort being put forth with a new roof installed on on area & clean up done else where. Unfortunately those plans failed & the building sat. More recently a new plan was submitted to repurpose into condos, work spaces, shops & even a microbrewery!

Although the latest owners seem ambitious about the next chapter for the property, I have my doubts. It will be costly & take the right investors. Here's hoping the government doesn't tie the project up in too much red tape which often causes such projects to fail.

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