Abandoned 1970s Bungalow

Just one week before our epic road trip & a month before demolition Zenning with Zay & I explored this Abandoned 1970s Bungalow!

With places such as this, in such a high visibility area, you never know what the state of the house could be. Often times they can be sealed up tight until the demolition day, or completely trashed by local kids. Fortunately with this one, it was some where between the two extremes!

From the front we could see the property as huge, easily two acres in fact! This make it a very desirable piece of property within a rapidly expanding area! In fact, the house next door to this one was already gone!  We then made our way around back to find a huge backyard with a large gazebo, in ground pool/  But that wasn't all!  There was still a huge piece of property with a tennis court out back!

I then headed inside & to the upstairs. I know, the title says bungalow but it has two stories! Well, according to the last relator ad, this place as considered a "bungaloft"! The upstairs was small with a small bedroom, a decent sized master bedroom complete with a large walk-in closet. Lastly was a nice sized custom bathroom!

Down to the basement which was quite surprising! It still had a bunch of furniture left behind. Scrappers had hit it pretty hard but the place wasn't trashed.  Then up to the main floor where there was a decent sized bathroom, a small bedroom & then a huge bedroom.  At least what it seemed to have been.  This house had such a strange layout!

Across the other side of the house, beyond the front door was the family & dining room which were all done in beautiful hardwood!

The last area of the house was the custom kitchen! This area was pretty amazing! Huge cooking & eat in area with floor to ceiling windows, sky lights & a beautiful brick fireplace. This was at one time a beautiful house however shortly after our explore it was being demolished.

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