Decrepit Abandoned Farm House

On the sixth day of my & Zenning with Zay's epic road trip/Honeymoon when we came across this Decrepit Abandoned Farm House!

This house was located right next to an active house which always makes things interesting not knowing how people will react to explorers. Fortunately for us they were uninterested in what we were doing. Just from the outside I could tell that this place was going to be in rough shape but I had no idea what we were in for!

Once we made our way inside it was quite obvious this place had been abandoned a very long time.  The decay was really impressive & all natural.  I'm sure someone came in & stripped anything of value out.  But aside from that, it was mothers nature reclaiming this old home.  One odd thing to point out was the toilet in that massive room!  I suspect this was added for an elderly person who had mobility issues.   Similar to what we saw in this abandoned house.

Based on the level of decay I would estimate this Decrepit Abandoned Farm House had been abandoned for easily 30 years.  That said although it was in rough shape,  It was holding its own pretty good!

When I ventured upstairs I wasn't too surprised to find it decayed.  But in each room, the level of decay was surprising!  There were so many amazing colours & textures!  Plus the natural decay was incredible!  On top of that, tick spider webs tell the tale of rooms being unentered for a very long time.  Although there was nothing left behind, this was still a very awesome explore!!

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