Abandoned New Brunswick House

On the second day of our road trip out to eastern Canada, Zenning with Zay spotted this Abandoned New Brunswick House as we headed to our camping spot.  Seeing as it was VERY dark we had been driving since sun up, we decided to check it out the next morning!

It was the crack of dawn on the third day of our road trip to Eastern Canada. The trip was actually our Honeymoon adventure as we have recently gotten married inside an Abandoned Prison!!  The first two days were mainly driving as there is a lot of ground to cover! As I mentioned, Zay spotted this not far from where we planned on camping so we decided to check it out to start our day! It turned out to be a pretty cool little spot!

The house is located at a busy intersection with many logging trucks rolling by as we explored. It also backs on to a river with the main bridge right beside it. Although a busy road, it's just a two lane country road! From the outside you can clearly see that nature is trying hard to take this one back!

After stepping in the front door I was greeted with a huge, enclosed, wrap-around porch! The one section had mostly caved in & looked pretty cool! Then at the back, hdden away in a corner was what appeard to be a small living space. There was even a hot plate with cooking instructions still on the wall! An odd spot, but could have been a cool place during the hot summer months!

Once inside the actual house there was a nice railing leading up the stairs but we'll head up there shortly. First we check out the living & dining room! The rooms were separated but a built in custom shelving unit! This was a pretty exquisite piece for a seemingly modest home. The decay was showing itself inside with some nice paint peels! But then I noticed something odd. There was a toilet in teh dining room! It was actually all connected too! Seemed rather strange to be sitting rght there but I guess it was deemed necessary & who am I to judge!

The last spot on the main floor was the kitchen. This was a typical kitchne with nothing the really stood out to me. I did like that there was back porch access but other than that, it was like any other kitchen. There were some pretty nice paint peels in there!

The last area we check out of this Abandoned New Brunswick House is the upstairs.  There were three modest sized bedrooms & a bathroom.  The first bedroom was empty, the second had an old bed frame, mail & bits of fabrics strewn everywhere!  The third bedroom Was quite moldy & had various items left behind.  Not a lot left but was still interesting to look around. The bathroom was the only "real" bathroom in the house & this led me to believe the toilet downstairs was to accommodate the potential of someone not being able to make it up the stairs in time.  All in all this was a pretty interesting house & a great way to start the day!

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