Haunted Abandoned Stone Mansion

While on our Eastern Canada Road Trip Zenning with Zay & I came across this Haunted Abandoned Stone Mansion!

Now the first thing you are going to ask is this really a Haunted Abandoned Mansion?  Well, before we get into that let's take the tour!  First we check out the building itself!  This magnificent stone building resembles an old castle! Something you would expect to find in Europe & not Eastern Canada!

Once inside I headed to the top floor only to find that the third floors was sealed off.  Not a problem as the second floor was really interesting.  There were beautiful hardwood doors & huge rooms.  Then things started to get weird when I walk into what was clearly the master bedroom.  The ceiling & walls were completely black.  I mean it certainly went with the castle theme this place showed from the outside.  Then to the next room which was just a bunch of random paints splashed on the wall.  Odd but it had me thinking this was a party mansion..  The on to the next room & this is where it really seemed odd.  The room was a VERY vibrant red from ceiling to floor.  Not really a calming colour!

Seeing as the third floor was a no go I head down to the main floor!  Starting off in the kitchen, the paint peels were great! The kitchen itself was clearly quite old & had some nice custom cabinets.  Then into what I could only assume was the dining room & wow.  This room, directly under the master bedroom was also painted black from ceiling to floor.  This room however had stones painted on the walls.  This was really weird!  I semi thought it as a frat house as many of you know there was often epic parties at them!   Beyond the dining room was a smaller, but still large room that likely was a study. A place to have a cigar & an after dinner cocktail!  Afterwards a did a quick look in the basement & there was really only one room that interested me. Here was an amazing custom bookshelf down there as well as a fireplace just rotting away.  Really sad to see that.

As always I am saving the best for last!  This Haunted Abandoned Stone Mansion definitely had an epic staircase!  A nice spiralesque staircase with some beautiful features.  Plus, this was a turret which really added to the castle-like exterior!  The room to the left of the stairs featured many large windows & a beautiful fire place!

Now for the haunted part.  Well, this is clearly an old mansion however why is it haunted?  Well, this is actually on the grounds of an abandoned amusment park & was a Haunted House attraction!  I felt this place was so cool that it needed its own post & video!

Mansion Staircase

Stay tuned for the amusement park post as it was definitely an epic adventure!!

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  1. The staircase is magnificent! The one upstairs room looks like a Jackson Pollack painting done at his drunkest. Lol. Such an unusual place and unique architecture. Thanks for this tour.

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