Hidden Abandoned Time Capsule Mansion

On a cold & rainy day Zenning with Zay took me to this Hidden Abandoned Time Capsule Mansion! The driveway was so overgrown I almost didn't believe that there was actually an abandoned house up it. But as we got closer it revealed itself!

At the end of the long driveway was a set of gates which really was the only indication that there was anything back there. The overgrowth was quite surprising. It was obvious this Hidden Abandoned Time Capsule Mansion had sat for a very long time.

As we rounded the corner the house came into full view! This was such an amazing sight!! Right out of a horror film!  We knew right away that this was going to be an epic adventure!!!  The creepy old cars, heavy decay & overgrowth really made it a spooky scene!

Before heading in, let's check out the rest of the property! Out back was a big surprise! A huge inground pool that was in by far the worst condition I have ever seen! It's one thing to find a murky pool, but this had trees growing in it! The foundation of the pool had cracked & crumbled likely leading to pool draining into the ground. Beyond that was a pool utility house which was uninteresting, but behind it was an old boat! The decay on the boat was amazing!!! But now let's head inside!

The kitchen was the first place I explored once inside. It was clear that literally everything had been left behind. Bills were still piled on the counter, dishes left in the sink & food from the the refrigerator & cupboards had been strewn across the kitchen. I suspect this was a combination of vandals & animals that made the mess. That said, it was pretty interesting so far!

At the back of the Hidden Abandoned Time Capsule Mansion was the dining room & much to my surprise the hutch was still there! On top of that, it was still filled with dishes etc from the past owners. These are typically treasured items so it was sad to see them still there. We also then get a first look into the best part of the place!

Now this room was absolutely amazing! The since, layout & of course decay! We were both amazed & just how decayed it was! The insulation & ceiling had all come down & covered everything! This is what a bad roof & years of abandonment will do! It was almost hard to believe that at one point in time this was lived in! The fireplace was pulling away from the house making it a very dangerous place. It's only a matter of time before it comes down making this place that much more dangerous!

The house had two upstairs that flanked the great room! One one side was two bedrooms with the front the bigger of them. They both had a shared bathroom & both were in terrible shape from the elements & critters.

The other side was the same however the master bedroom had everything still in it. As well, the home office was still setup. It was clearly locked in time as the tech was from the late 1990's. The last calendar I found here was from 2000 making this place abandoned for 21 years!

To wrap up this amazing place here is a more shots of that amazing rom taken from the second level! All in all I have to say this was an epic adventure! Gotta love those Time Capsules!

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  1. Hey man, I’m looking for some cool abandoned places to explore in the gta but I’ve had no luck finding any, can you recommend me any places? Have a amazing day

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