Strange Abandoned Time Capsule

After several years of trying, Zenning with Zay & I finally had our chance to explore this Strange Abandoned Time Capsule.

From the outside you really have no idea what was in there as most of the ground floor windows were covered with curtains. The house itself seemed to have originally been an old farm house that was later renovated with a much larger section. The original house was nothing exciting, just your average farm house. But the additional was something else & unexpected!

Now don't get me wrong, the original part was still nice as you can see! That one room with the beautiful wood ceiling was quite nice & in excellent condition. But, its the other side that was just amazing!

Now, I know the power is on & despite what some may think, this is an all too common. I was recently talking to Zay & she mentioned "remember the first house you found still had power?". It really happens often! Knowing this house has not been lived in for many years, I wasn't worried. So we start off in the basement which was filled with everything including an ungoldy number of dead spiers, spiders webs & plenty of water damage. Fortunately the mold had not fully consumed it. As always, a place with everything left in its place always leads to so many questions.

No to the main floor of the addition. This is why I call it a Strange Abandoned Time Capsule. This room was jam packed with furniture! At first it seemed as if things were being organized to move out. But then I stated to wonder where exactly would all of this stuff fit? There was far too many pieces to fit in the house normally which led me to consider it could have been a collector. Although some things were still in place, many items were just put in there. Certainly was a lot of amazing things in there worth big bucks which is why I won't be posting any exteriors.

The last place to explore was the upper level. I was surprised to see there was only one room up there which was a beautiful master bedroom! Finished with amazing woodwork from floor to ceiling, this was truly a work of art! This room was still set up as if the family were to return at any moment. Sadly, it has been many years since the owners were last there. Although I was unable to find out the full story, it does appear to have been elderly owners. In many cases, they were likely unable to live there alone & moved into a care facility. Living relatives have no interest in the property or its contents so it just sits, slowly succumbing to the elements. Not so if you noticed, but in the main floor room there were several areas where water damage was showing in the ceiling. There is also a massive hornets nest in the wall outside. Both the water damage & the hornets tell the tail of neglect as well as nature's journey at reclaiming. This was a pretty amazing explore but, another sad abandoned time capsule.

2 thoughts on “Strange Abandoned Time Capsule”

  1. I am a huge fan of urbex and avid abandoned site explorer but I have to say: this just doesn’t really seem abandoned. I’m not sure of the ethical implications of breaking into a house that is still obviously owned and full of someone’s stuff. I know you folks are respectful and would never take anything, etc. but I do wonder if this can really be considered “abandoned” enough to be fair game for exploration. What should the parameters be? Hoping to discuss!

    1. Fair comment. We had watched this place for several years. Never anyone there, the property was never kept & then one day we discovered someone had kicked a door in. The house itself had a massive bee hive in the walls & only a matter of time until the house is infested. There was water damage through out. Yes, someone still owns the property as everything is owned, however nobody is coming back.

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