Custom Abandoned Mansion

Earlier this year Zenning with Zay & I stopped in at this Custom Abandoned Mansion.  This is really more of a McMansion but I had been watching it for a while & we finally had a chance to check it out!

This Custom Abandoned Mansion sticks out like a sore thumb in a neighbourhood lined with massive new builds. It's not at all a surprise that it finally has been left to rot But the rotting hasn't really begun yet as this one is still quite fresh!

This massive piece of property in the city which is about an acre in size! Numerous mature trees are tagged which is good as they will be saved when the demolition finally happens.  This mansion sold nearly a year ago for $2.2 Million dollars & knowing the neighbourhood, it will be demolished & massive opulent mansion built in its place.

One side of this custom abandoned mansion had a decent sized kitchen with loads of cupboard & counter space!  From there you can look into the family room with a set sliding doors leading to the front patio.  The fireplace though bothered me!  I mean it needs to be centered in my opinion! Beyond that was the laundry room & small bathroom.

The other side of the kitchen leads to a large dining with big windows overlooking the back of the property. There also a home office with a beautiful custom built bookcase & intricate parkay flooring!  A huge living room with another fireplace with wall to wall hardwood floor!  The main staircase was pretty boring but not even staircase can be epic!

The upstairs was pretty plain aside from the hardwood flooring. The entire upper level aside from the bathrooms were all done in it! Then down to the basement was also boring so there were only a few pics. Although the last areas weren't that exciting, it was a pretty awesome explore as the main floor was pretty sweet!

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