Abandoned Colonial Mansion

Located on a fairly busy road the runs paralell to the main highway in a small hamlet is this massive abandoned colonial mansion. It can be difficult to determine of house out east are abandoned however this one seemed to display all the telltale signs. The grounds were somewhat maintained but not recently & side staircase had a pallet blocking it so Zenning with Zay & I decided to do a u-turn to investigate further!

We entered from the right side which led into a back mud room with piles of boxes & other random junk. Just beyond the mud room was a full size bathroom with a beautiful claw foot tub.  Off the kitchen was a large enclosed front porch also filled with random items.  Off of the kitchen we came into a living room with beautiful hardwood flooring. I was really quite surprised how big this place was & it kept going on & on!

As I navigated my way through thia massive house I found yet another large room & then another! The final room was set up lke a dining room & had gorgeous double doors seperating it from the staircase. The main floor was already a huge area & I still had two more levels to explore!

As with all abandoned places, if the stairs are awesome, I will shoot crap outta them! These ones were not the best set I have taken pictures of, but the fact they are still in mint condition so naturally I indulged. I especially enjoyed the large area that surrounded them on the second floor which shows just how large & luxiours this house once was!

The upper floor had three bedrooms then a corridor leading to a semi hidden staircase leading to the third floor. Beyond that was a large full bathroom with yet another claw foot tub & the further down was another kitchen. It seemed to me that this once glorious home was possibly converted into apartments.  Now it was time to see what the third floor had to offer!

The third floor was smaller but still a decent size! There was a kitchen, bathroom & two bedrooms which if this was in fact changed into apartments then this would have been a decent size! With the whole mansion now explored I must say I was very please with our random discovery! This was the first of many explores we did that day & I can't wait to share more!

Abandoned Colonial Mansion

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  1. Can you send me the address of this place.Ive recently gotten really interested in exploring abandoned places and I want to start in Nova Scotia.

  2. I believe this one is close to Economy… I explored this over 12 years ago there and it gave me the only paranormal experience I’ve ever had in an abandoned space. Top floor, small bedroom with trunk. Hot summer day and I’m looking at a trunk in the room when a clear, gentle, quiet female voice says “7, 6, 5, 4.” and stops. So clear, so real, so unexplained. Great shots – I’m glad the house is still in such good condition!

  3. It’s not abandoned, it’s owned and has been locked to prevent trespassing. Not sure why it was open. Our family lives all around – beside, behind and just up the road. Surprised we didn’t notice and politely ask you to leave. It appears a private property sign is needed.

    1. Apologies. We assumed it was abandoned & parked right out front as our intentions were only to document the beautiful home. While taking exterior photos the neighbour across the road even saw us & seemed to have little concern.

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