Abandoned Grow Op Mansion

My first attempt at exploring the abandoned grow op mansion was back in November 2018 with Carlo Paolozza when we first explored the Brady Bunch Mansion. The house was clearly abandoned however I felt uneasy about the numerous cameras situated around the house. That didn't stop this curious explorer from doing a walk around & checking to see if there was a way inside. Sadly on that day there was no way in. A few months later I caught wind that it was open so Zenning with Zay & I made the trip down to explore this unique location!

Conicidentally enough we explored this place the day before the unofficial marijuana day is celebtred on the 20th of April! Parking a distance away, we made our way up to the house as light rain fell around us. Once inside things became rather interesting. We were immediately greeted with a blast of hot air as the furnace was on in here. Weird for sure! Then I started noticing the windows & doors were covered with plywood & sprayfoam used to seal them off. I decided to start this explore off on the top floor & work my way down.

As I made my way to the top I was shocked with what I was seeing. This mansion would have been jammed packed with weed plants with rooms set up for the various stages of growth. The second floor had a long room over top of the three car garage & the floor was dirty, water stained & piles of marijuana plants through out. It was rather shocking to find this just left behind. There certainly wasn't any significant amount of weed in there but if someone was dedicated that probably could scrounge up an ounce!

The rest of the upper level had several bedrooms & majority of them were all retro-fitted with crazy duct work. It was actually quite impressive seeing the hard work & dedication put in to rigging this all up.  It was becoming very apparent that nobody actually lived here & if they did, slept on a cot of something most likely in the bathroom!  The bedrooms were all decent size & the master featured a city-scape mural & had a turret overlooking the sprawling backyard.  The bathroom was massive & had about six heat lamps ensuring that if you were to step out of the shower, you'd be nice & toasty.  There didn't appear to be any growing done in the bathroom.

It was really quite a feat having set up an entire house as a grow op! There were still hand written notes on walls indicating water times, light schedules & labels for rooms for flowering (budding), clones, etc. It seemed to have been a well planned operation! Continuing with the main floor we have the kitchen which was pretty nice & flashy however likley never really used as well as some other rooms that were gutted right down to maximize grow room.

Now before heading down to the basement we have to take a look at the staircase. As any of you that have been following me for a week or more you will know I love a good staircase & this mansion had a sweet one! Twisting for the top floor into the basement, this was truly a masterpiece!  Due to space restrictions however I didn't take my usual 20+ photos of the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs on a filing cabinet was a scale with a bud & one lone plant that was so dry I bet if moved around would crumble.

Abandoned Grow Op Mansion

At the foot of the stairs on the main floor there was a very unique feature I have never saw in any other abandoned mansion before.  Certainly I have been in some pretty grand locations however this feature was so odd!  Jutting out from the front of the mansion has a massive two story enclosed sun room.  This was indeed very grand but seemed like a massive waste of space but I guess to each their own!  Not wanting to put myself on display I avoided going into this room!

With the upper two levels complete it was time to venture into the basement & see what other secrets would be revealed.  Similar to the other floors it was clear the basement was used as a grow area with a dedicated room for drying the buds.  In all honestly I was shocked at the number of plants that would have been packed in here & the dedication to ensuring a controlled grow environment was meticulous.

The whole operation was not only well done, but also 100% legal!  This was evident with licences taped to the wall in areas & the amount of hydro it consumed would have set off alarm bells in a matter of days!  Today the house is now on the market with full disclosure of its previous use which seemed to have been a grow op for just over a year.  Leased from a developer who has since put it back on the market at a price of $2,000,000.  This house will likely be demolished & a massive mansion built in its place!

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  1. Wow, crazy! I thought it had to be legal because a sane person would not gut a 2 mil mansion. The sun room was glorious though. Now that is some Epic SHIT!!!! EBJ ?? XOXO Kat

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