Abandoned Dream Mansion

While on a road trip this Abandoned Dream Mansion was one of the locations we visited!  It turned out to be pretty awesome!

Back in September while on a road trip with Zenning with Zay, we decided to stop at a location I had my eye on for quite some time. I had wanted to visit this mansion for a long time but it is located in such a strange area that I never felt like making the detour to visit it. After all, we had no information about it & it would suck to make the journey only to fail.  This time being so close we decided why the heck not!

This Abandoned Dream Mansion is situated roughly 100 feet off a main road & up a hill over looking a large river. The sprawling property has many mature trees which makes it a perfect setting for this Tudor inspired home.

To the side is a large inground swimming pool with patterned concrete layed on a fourty five degree angle. That really added a touch of class to it! There was also a large pool house that likely doubled as some sort of workshop or studio based on the number of electrical out or even possibly a man cave!

On the side with the pool there is a large enclosed sunroom directly off a massive living room with wall to wall windows & a fireplace in the middle. These areas would be amazing for any season as ample sunlight would come in & during our visit the sun was beginning to drop allowing the sun to pour in!

While in the sunroom I spotted some things on the floor that seemed out of place. Upon closer inspection I discovered the mystery objects were actually dead bats! I actually came across around a half dozen dead bats in this house which was quite surprising as the usual dead animals I find are raccoons, birds & cats. These bats didn't seem like they had been there that long...maybe the were just sleeping!

Beyond the living room was the kitchen which was quite large but nothing too special. For functionality you really wouldn't want to put a table in there as it would be right in the way of everything in my opinion. That said off to the side was a dining room which for some reason was filled with all the baseboards. Across the hall from the dining room was another huge room featuring a fireplace. This room overlooked the sprawling frontage & was westernly facing which would allow plenty of afternoon sunlight in.

Between dining room & living room was the staircase.  I had high hopes for this when we approached as I was sure this would have a real stunner of a staircase but much to my disappointment in was quite underwhelming.  It did have a slight curve in it but it certainly didn't excite me.  Ah well, they can't all be epic spiral staircases!  Behind the staircase was a corridor that led to the garage from the kitchen.  This was actually the only place (aside from the basement) where I could see some decay with a few bits of paint peel.

On the upper floor was three bedrooms that all featured huge windows & closets with custom shelving built in.  They were all quite big but I noticed one thing.  There was nothing really warm about this house.  All the walls where white & the carpet was a light beige colour.  It actually felt more institutional like than homey.

The last area to explore was the huge room situated above the garage. This was actually a really cool room with skylights & the shape was unique. There was a smaller room to the side that may have been a play room for the kids or storage. This room would be pretty cool for a home office!

Unfortunately this house will soon be demolished & replaced with high density housing. Its currently owned by a developer that has developed the lands nearby & it's only a matter of time until the once magnificent mansion is long forgotten.

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  1. Makes me wonder why wasn’t the house put up for sale instead of leaving it abandoned. It’s a beautiful house with a gorgeous view!

    Thanks for showing the house!

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