Abandoned Decaying Time Capsule

This Abandoned Decaying Time Capsule was a revisit for Zenning with Zay but a new one for me!

While out on an adventure with Zenning with Zay we came upon a house that she had found on the map but almost didn't bother adding it. From the streetview it didn't look like much but she decided may as well just put it on there as a destination & see what we would find along the way! As we pulled up neither of us expected much but could see some pretty awesome looking decay so we decided to give it a go!

Entering through the closest door I had to life the screen door a bit as it was caught in the collapsing roof. Once inside I was amazed at the level of decay. Moss covered a large portion of the front room & the ceiling was completely frigged due to excessive water damage. The front window had exploded under the weight of the decaying ceiling & was in a pile below the frame. The floor was VERY soft & warped but fortunately held together under my feet. This room was mostly furnished & still had notes on the wall & mail in a letter bos hung on the wall.

Beyond that room was what seemed to be a mud room/workshop which had at one point a woodstove & various storage areas. This area was rather plain but then I got a glimpse of the rest of the house & I called out to Zay with excitement as to what I could see!

Through the kitchen I could see a room that was completely left as is from when the owners had left the house. But let's not rush into that just yet! The floor in the small kitchen was completely saturated with water & covered with insulation. I cautiously made my way across the springy floor & to the right was a bedroom with a beautiful dresser & a few itmes & loads of boxes. Then there was a bathroom with everything still in place including the toilet paper hung on the wall. To the right of the bathroom was the laundry room which was almost unrecognizable aside from the appliances. I didn't dare step foot in that room out of fear it'd all come crashing down on me! Then to the left of the kitchen was another bedroom with an old bed & two dressers that were still in excellent condition!  But the best was yet to come!

The living room was absolutely incredible! The furniture still setup & little ornaments on top of the piano. I especially loved the old stereo with box of 8 tracks. Everything was dated & the decay around it all was amazing. As I walked around this room the tiles on the floor would crack under my feet. This was truly an epic find & one that I sometimes would keep driving by as I wouldn't have expected it to be this amazing!

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