Abandoned Tree Mansion

The Abandoned Tree Mansion was a very unique location!  Not only because it was a custom mansion but also  because of the tree inside!!

Back in February of 2019 Zenning with Zay & I decided to check out the abandoned mansion with a tree inside. Carlo Paolozza had given me the location a while back however at the time we were busy exploring other places & this one was getting quite a bit of traffic so it wasn't high on our list. After we explored the now demolished Abandoned Country Mansion we headed down to the city to check it out!

One thing I was warned about was the poor air quality.  I knew it was bad in there so I wanted to explore it before the weather warmed up!  Mold & other nasty things are tamer in the winter but we were not going in here without respirators.  When we got inside I was quite shocked at just how moldy the place was! The mansion itself was rather clinical meaning it didn't really feel that warm & welcoming.  The large kitchen was floor to ceiling white as were the rest of the rooms on the main floor.

The master bedroom surprisingly did have some colour however I wouldn't say it was a good choice! It also featured a spiral staircase & a large ensuite bathroom with shower stall & Jacuzzi tub. The flat roof of the mansion was clearly failing as the ceiling in the bedroom was coming down & water had leaked through the floor into the room below also causing the ceiling to come down. No wonder this place was such a moldy mess!

The rest of the rooms upstairs were in excellent condition aside from some warping on the hardwood floors. One thing I liked was the arched windows through out. This really was an interesting custom built mansion but the best part is yet to come!

Smack dab in the middle of the mansion was a tree that was a good 20 feet tall! There was even a skylight allowing the sunlight to shine in on it. I found this feature to be quite interesting but at the same time kinda foolish. I mean, tree grow & I would assume it would eventually become mashed againts the skylight, Plus pruning it would be a huge pain but I guess when you can spend $3 million on a house you have the money to pay someone to tend to it! Another feature not to be overlooked was the walkway around the tree. Although the brass is tacky, it certainly is quite impressive at the same time!

The tree was the equivalant to an epic staircase so naturally I had to shoot it from every possible angle! The fate of this mansion is demolition as it sits in a neighbourhood where mansions are demolished to build bigger mansions. It certainly is strange the number of places that meet the same fate but empty land is nonexistant in the Greater Toronto Area.

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