Abandoned Country Mansion

The Abandoned Country Mansion sticks out like a sore thumb in a rural part of the province on Ontario.  Perched up on a hill, this 10,000+ square foot mansion is showing signs of neglect.  Shingles are missing which is allowing water to make its way in causing drywalled ceilings to begin to fall apart.  Without heat, paint is beginning to peel of the walls as well.

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I have not discovered the origins of the mansion however there was a very interesting recent past for it.  The Abandoned Country Mansion & surrounding property was purchased by a developer.  Yes, the "big bad developer who will demolish this house to make cookie cutter homes" many of you will likely conclude.  Although mostly true, there is a heart warming story to accompany this mansion.  In 2005 the developer agreed to lease the mansion to a not-for-profit organization specializing in assisting women with young children in a transitional state.  The developer paid all taxes for the property which was incredibly generous & dozens of private individuals, local business & church groups offered up fund, clothing & labour to ready the mansion for its new use.  It took just over two years for the work to be done & the mansion was now fit for it transitional use offering housing, addiction treatment preparedness to transition back into the community for independent living.

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

The first guests arrived in 2008 & over the course of 4 years the house accommodated & helped transition some 40 families back into the community.    The mission was a success however the lease agreement ended in 2011 & the mansion has sat vacant since.  My understanding is that it will soon be demolished as the surrounding area is rapidly growing.   I didn't find out the history until after exploring & was quite pleased to hear the generosity of not only the developer who are often thought as evil, money hungry villains, but also the out pouring of support from nearby communities.

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  1. Super cool story! just found your website and love your content. Do you give away the locations of the houses you go to? Would love to explore some of these places.

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