Abandoned Retro Time Capsule

Located on a random road in the middle of nowhere in New Brunswick is this abandoned retro time capsule.  Having spent the night in Nova Scotia, Zenning with Zay & I were now headed to St. John New Brunswick with plans to explore anything we found along the way.  We drove through some very remote wilderness & gorgeous scenery.  As we came around a corner I spotted this house beside two others.  We did a u-turn & realized that not only was this one abandoned, but the other two were also abandoned!

The first room we entered was the kitchen.  It was quite a large room with a door to a laundry room & another to a mud room.  Both of theses rooms had doors to go outside which was quite convenient in my opinion!  Right away we could see the decay in this place.  From the outside it didn't look too bad but the inside tells a whole different story!

Then off the kitchen was a large room that was likely the dining room as well as a smaller room that seemed like it could be a large pantry that also had a small opening into another room which was odd to me so if you have seen this feature before (shown in ext set) please let me know what the purpose was!

The first room off the dining room was amazing!  So much decay & furniture still in place.  I especially loved the old television.  If you look at the second picture you will see the small opening which I mentioned not knowing what the purpose is!  Beyond that room was another equally decayed room with a very colourful carpet that was changing due to the decay on the ceiling above raining down.

We finally get to the front of the house where you have the main staircase which I enjoyed & naturally shot from multiple angles.  As well there was an enclosed front porch which I am sure there many nights sat out there just looking at the stars or watching a storm.

Once I got to the upstairs I was amazed with the space!  The hallway was super wide with a nook that oddly had a television place in it.  Although it was weird placement, it wouldn't be difficult to watch tv there as the area was similar to a common area!  At the top of the stairs was a huge bathroom which was quite surprising for a home this old.  There was some amazing decay happening up there but it was about to get better!

There were three bedrooms upstairs, two of which were crazily decayed & still had so many items left behind.  It seemed that nothing in the house was newer than the 1990's making this a time capsule from years gone by.  I loved the old bed frames  & televisions not only in the bedrooms but throughout!  The house was a heck of a lot bigger than I thought looking at it from the outside & it was full of treasures making it an amazing end of the day explore!  We really enjoyed exploring this Abandoned Retro Time Capsule!

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  1. The small room was a butler’s pantry. The pass through was likely to pass food through to the dining room. They were pretty common in older homes.

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