Abandoned $4000000 Mansion

I first discovered this beautiful Abandoned $4000000 Mansion back in early 2017.   At the time I had no idea what to expect when I first drove up to it but here was a very obvious clue that it was not lived in.  As I made my way up to it I felt VERY uneasy as the grounds had been maintained & there were outdoor lights on.  Once I was close I knew right away that this massive beauty was empty but unfortunately at the time there was no possible way in.  I planned on returning in the future but completely forgot about it until this past July.

This lakefront Abandoned $4000000 Mansion sits on a massive plot of land & boasts 20,000+ square feet, 6 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms, indoor swimming pool, 4 car garage & by far one of the most spectacular kitchens I have ever came across in my life.  Although the number of bedrooms & bathrooms seem small, the house itself had many enormous rooms making it perfect for entertaining! The woodwork throughout was absolutely breathtaking & must have cost a fortune!  The interesting thing is, this mansion is bigger than many I have explored yet has a lower price tag & this is entirely due to its location.  For years there has been attempts to sell the place & at one time was considered to be used as a clubhouse for a upscale golf & country club however those plans fell through.

Upon entering the mansion you enter a long corridor the runs from front to back of the house.  This space was rather ridiculous in my opinion as really, what would you do with a long corridor.  To the right you entered a massive room which I will show you next but for now we are going into the front office which was massive & beautiful with plenty to custom shelf space.

The room where the office was off of was absolutely gorgeous & huge with exposed wood beams & a four sided fireplace that led to the indoor pool.  Now the pool room was incredible!  Such a huge area with plenty of space around it.  Most if not all of the indoor pools I have come across were not in a space as big as this!  At the far end on one side of the pool was a bathroom & the other side a sauna.

Now we go left of the front corridor & into the kitchen.  This room was ridiculous to say the least with easily 40 foot ceilings & wall to wall custom wood work.  It was truly a thing of beauty & commanded respect. I honestly had a difficult time taking it all in & shooting it because it was just so big & beautiful!

On my first visit here the sun was setting quickly & I had another location to explore so I only took a handful of shots with expectations on returning shortly.  A couple weeks later I returned with Zenning with Zay & let her shoot the place while I kept watch to ensure nobody snuck up on us as despite knowing it was vacant, someone had been cutting the grass.  Just as Zay finished up I saw a vehicle at the gates & waited to see what would happen.  The gates were locked & I had already seen another car pull up then leave but this time someone got out of the car & opened the gates.  We quickly bolted from the mansion & disappeared into the thick forest never to return again.  Unfortunately I was unable to get shots of the rest of the mansion but I did film it all so be sure to watch the video!

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  1. What awesome place where is it located. What part of which country , Canada or the U.S. Enjoyed the video very much. I did not find a like button anywhere but I sure do like it.

  2. Awesome! May I know a little bit more about the property. I liked the way you filmed the video with details.

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