Abandoned Victorian Mansion

Over looking a massive river sits this Abandoned Victorian Mansion!

It was the last long weekend of the summer & Zenning with Zay & I were headed to Montreal for an epic party with a huger crowd of explorers that was to take place in an abandoned factory.  This Abandoned Victorian Mansion was the second destination on the trip & it was an absolute stunner to say the least.

From the road I was skeptical that this was going to be anything special.  It seemed to be mostly boarded up & not very interesting looking however moments after stepping inside I quickly changed my tune.  This place was incredible & must have been something in its hey day! This mansion features one of the best staircases I have ever come across inside an abandoned house.  Other key features are the 20 foot ceilings, crown molding & massive windows which allowed plenty of light to pour in!

The mansion was built around 1900 by a ship builder which made sense as this beauty is located along the St. Lawrence River.  Over the years the property changed ownership one family built cabins out back likely for rental accommodations for those travelling along the river.  It was later purchased & used as a brothel which was such a booming success the madam had to add trailers to the property for all the working girls!  Business was booming & the men would lounge in the parlour until their lady of the evening would take them back to their cabin/trailer.  Once such gentleman was so love struck he ended up hanging himself out front in one of the still standing trees!

The mansion was later converted into apartments which was the last changes made to it until being sold to a developer.  Sadly, this beautiful mansion will be demolished for condos as seems to be the trend these days with many historical buildings.

The second floor show clear evidence of the apartments that this mansion was converted into.  It also seemed that there were plans to continue with renovations however those seemed to suddenly stop.  As you can see, the upper windows were large & the rooms all huge with high ceilings.  The decay throughout was quite severe however the house was surprisingly solid.  Good bones on the old girl!

Now for the stairs!  As you entered the front doors you were greeted by this absolutely stunning spiral staircase.   The architecture here was quite impressive & as mentioned above, this is likely one of the best staircases I have found.  The design coupled with decay were pretty much the reason why we decided to come here!  Naturally I had to shoot them from every possible angle & even did a photo shoot with Zenning with Zay!

6 thoughts on “Abandoned Victorian Mansion”

  1. I don’t see Victorian, I feels more Georgian, its has symmetry standard bones to a Georgian home,
    Victorian era was short, and not always that regal just a thought, but stunning photos

  2. Absolutely stunning. I love old houses. Am currently working on the family homestead built around the time of the civil war. Please keep up the good work. Thank you and God bless.

  3. I would love to read about the brothel and also have seen pictures of the outside (cabins and trailers) if they were still present. I live in Ohio and stumbled across your site and have been here for hours!

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